What Knives Do Professional Chefs Use

What Knives Do Professional Chefs Use?

Does your food taste better after knowing what knives do professional chefs use? No, but it can save some of the time that you spend in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, there’s a reason why professionals use different utility knives. To make your food perfect it’s also important to make sure the products that make up the food are also perfect.

Every professional chef has knives that are customized to match their personality. There is, however, a popular knife that is used by well-known chefs.

It’s known as the 8-inch Chef’s Knife, and it’s seen among the famous ones, despite the fact that each one is individually crafted for them.

Regardless, let’s learn more about knives and turn you into Gordon Ramsey.

What Knives Do Professional Chefs Use?

What Knives do Professional Chefs Use

Professional chefs tend to bring their entire kit with them whenever it’s cooking time for them as every knife is made for different functions and uses.

It’s fascinating how important it is when it comes to chef’s knife blades, it needs to have the perfect weight and balance for chopping different products.

There is an endless number of knives that different professional chefs use. However, they don’t use it all the time yet save some for special occasions.

We were able to compress all of these choices into the most important ones that you should be familiar with.

The Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s Knife, as previously stated, is the most regularly used and popular knife among cooks. It’s more of a go-to knife for every situation.

The Chef’s Knife excels at slicing vegetables, chopping meat, and even peeling fruits and vegetables.

However, as you can see, it excels at none; making it the professional’s go-to for speedy cooking.

The knife is composed of carbon steel with a 1% carbon content. Don’t underestimate the 1% because most everyday knives are constructed of 0.8 percent carbon.

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Carbon steel enhances the knife by providing it with higher durability and sharpness than ever before.

Serrated Knife

Serrated Knife

Knives are not just used for cutting or peeling vegetables only but also used for cutting the crust of slices of bread as well to make a flawless sandwich by the chefs. That’s where the serrated knives come in.

You won’t get the perfect cuts with normal knives and definitely thank serrated knives for existing after using them once.

The serrated knives have teeth-like shapes at the bottom where you use them to cut any fibrous. The teeth go through first, making sure the thick loaves of bread are ready to be penetrated smoothly.

Serrated knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Tooth serration, Single edge serration, Double edge serration, and Fan serration.

Don’t be confused by these flashy characteristics; their primary goal is to chop cake or bread, but with more privatization.

Santoku Knife

Santoku Knife

The word “Santoku” means “three uses” in Japanese. As you can already tell, Santoku is a Japanese knife that is famous for its use by popular Japanese chefs.

The three uses are mincing, dicing, and slicing. The blade is shorter than the regular one and the edge curves downwards.

Professional chefs like to use the Santoku knife for cutting meats and slicing cheese, despite its versatility.

The blade slopes help prevent the blade from sticking on anything. Also, because the knife is short, it provides better control for accurate cuts than the others.

Boning Knives

Boning Knives

There’s not so much to talk about as the name speaks for itself. Vegetarians should scroll down as they won’t like what they will read.

The ligaments and tissue of the fresh meats that you just bought from the store are cut using boning knives.

Chefs need to ensure that fresh meat is free of undesirable elements, which is why boning knives are so useful.

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When it comes to swiftly shred bones, a cleaver knife is the finest option. Squeezing the thick bones from the delicate ones doesn’t get any easier with a big blade and a nice handle.

But don’t worry, the large blades don’t add as much weight as you may assume.

When the cooks are on the clock and need to provide some fresh cooked clean meat for tasting, they utilize the cleaver.

Furthermore, it necessitates far less effort than would be required by a chef to perform the same task.

Professional Chefs And Their Knives

Let’s discuss some professional chefs and their secret customized knives that they use to prepare that great meal.

Now that you have a basic understanding of different types of knives and their uses by chefs let’s get the facts straight first.

Every day, a slew of moderate kitchen knife brands compete for the sponsorship of those exceptional cooks.

The chef’s dignity takes priority above any sponsors who are willing to pay a large sum of money.

Chefs are devoted to their knives and do not allow low-quality knives to detract from their image.

Let’s have a look at the names and some of their top picks, shall we?

Gordon Ramsay

In MasterChef, the most famous cook was spotted using Wusthof Classic.

With ideal weight distribution and a built of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, it immediately rose to the top of the premium and Ramsay’s Favorite list.

Bobby Flay

The sharpness of the Shun classic western chef’s knife has drawn Bobby Flay’s heart with it, influenced greatly by Japanese customs and ancient swordsmiths.

Nusret Gökçe

Chef Gökçe, the Salt Bae, prefers to cut his meats using CCI Breaking Knives before salting them. The knife’s rigidity is ideal for cutting meats.

Nobu Matsuhisa

Matsugisa’s favorite knives are Masamoto’s. These knives are made by expert Japanese artisans and are made of high-quality carbon steel that is easy to sharpen.

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Masaharu Morimoto

The butcher knife is always seen in his hands. The knives are also called “deba” which is really good for cutting meat according to him as it does it without damaging the flesh.

Ken Hom

A talented chef isn’t complete without his own trademarked knife. Ken carries knives that he has named after himself.

It’s a 7-inch knife with excellent durability and sharpness, making it ideal for cutting bones.

Guy Savoy

The tremendous chef has the Savik Table on his go-to table. He believes that the carbon fiber grip can make some precise cuts.

Carlo Cracco

Apart from Gordon Ramsey, Wusthof Classic is also Carlo’s favorite one.

Enrique Olvera

Suisin  Hayate takes a special place in his heart. The easy-peels and smooth cuts on vegetables are said to be really handy for him.

Vladimir Mukhin

Henckels’ traditional knives are used by the gentleman. It’s made of stainless steel with high carbon content.

It doesn’t require as much sharpening and is really useful in everyday life.


The majority of individuals are careless about the type or brand of knife they are using as long as it cuts the fruits.

However, if this were the case, professionals would be unconcerned. Not only that, but the cooks are extremely cautious when using their preferred knife.

When it comes to purchasing a knife, understanding the many sorts of knives can be really beneficial.

And having an idea of what knives do professional chefs use is one to start. If you want to cook anything delicious like Ramsay, you shouldn’t use the same knife to chop cakes and veggies.

The Chef’s Knife, on the other hand, is always a terrific knife to start your chef career.

Be conscious when dealing with knives, stay safe and bon appetite!

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