About Us

There’s no place like home. And for me, home is the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house, where all the action happens. From whipping up a quick meal to entertaining guests, the kitchen is always busy.

I love spending time in my kitchen, surrounded by all my favorite things. The farmhouse table is where I do most of my work, and it’s also where my family eats most of our meals. I cherish the moments we spend around that table, laughing and sharing stories.

The kitchen wouldn’t be complete without all of my favorite kitchen accessories. Homestead Authority going to picture all my accessories and many more fun things around!

My trusty cast iron skillet is always within reach, and I love using it to cook up a storm with other accessories. I also can’t live without my stand mixer – it comes in handy for everything from baking cakes to making homemade pasta and other cookings!