How Long Should My Gyuto Be

How Long Should My Gyuto Be?

The variety of Gyuto knife sizes can sure be bewildering. That makes deciding on a certain size very hard.

This can be a big issue when you are approaching a knife like Gyuto. So, how long should my Gyuto be?

This knife has different sizes from 180mm to 360mm. The primary uses of all sizes are the same, i.e., general kitchen cutting jobs.

But based on comfort, different people take different sizes. Besides comfort, based on kitchen size, the length of Gyuto will change.

This discussion is aimed to solve that problem. We will try to help you find the best sized Gyuto.

If you read this from first to last, you will find your problem solved. So, let’s have a deep look.

How Long Should My Gyuto Be?

How Long Should My Gyuto Be

There is no simple answer to this question.

Because it depends on a variety of factors, including your comfort, hand size, cuisine, the types of items you have to cut every day, and the size of the board. But the main thing is comfort; others are not a big deal.

However, if you have a small kitchen, the 180mm-220mm Gyuto will be the best. In the same way, 240mm- 270mm will be perfect for a medium kitchen.

But this is not obligatory. You are free to follow your comfortable size. If you think 220mm helps you most, then this should be your Gyuto.

For hand size, the bigger the knife, the more control you will have. For cutting tasks, a larger knife will tear through tough meats and bones with ease.

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For those who like to cook using a lot of spices, a large knife will also be beneficial in breaking down the spices.

But one thing can help to pick the best Gyuto for you. That is knowing the uses of all sizes of knives in cooking.

If you know that, Gyuto selection will be easier. The following Gyuto sizes are the most popular, let’s see their specialty and use fields.

Uses Of 180mm-220mm Gyuto Knife

 180mm-220mm Gyuto Knife

There are many potential uses for a 180mm-220mm Gyuto knife, but here are a few that might be of particular interest to you:

  • A 180mm-220mm Gyuto knife can be used for general small kitchen tasks, such as slicing fruits and vegetables.
  • These knives are best for chef’s knife tasks, such as slicing small fish and seafood.
  • These size Gyuto knives are perfect for precision slicing tasks, such as cake and pastry dough.
  • The 180mm-220mm Gyuto knife can be used for precision chopping tasks, such as chopping onions and garlic.
  • You may also use these knives for deboning and cutting soft meats like poultry.

Uses Of 240mm-270mm Gyuto Knife

Uses Of 240mm-270mm Gyuto Knife

As we said, this is the perfect size for a medium kitchen.

So, you can use this for multiple mid-range tasks like cutting fish, hard vegetables like pumpkin, fruits like watermelon, and many more.

Let’s see when this size’s Gyuto will work best:

  • These 9 to 11-inch Gyuto can help you debone hard meats like beef, mutton, and others.
  • You may use these mid-size knives to cut medium to big fish also.
  • Hard and big vegetables and fruits can also be sliced by a 240mm-270mm Gyuto.
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There are many more uses of this size Gyuto that are not worth mentioning.

While you start using them, you will find comfort in one specific size. That will be the best Gyuto for you.

Uses Of 300mm-360mm Gyuto Knife

Uses Of 300mm-360mm Gyuto Knife

In general, Gyuto knives are used for kitchen purposes. So, people use them to cut food items like fish, vegetables, fruits, meat, and spices.

If you look at the uses of 180mm knives in the above section, you will find huge similarities with a 300mm to 360mm Gyuto.

But remember, long knives, like 300mm to 360mm, are used to complete tough tasks like cutting big fish, meat, and big fruits and vegetables.

Why Is Gyuto Knife’s Size Important?

Why Is Gyuto Knife’s Size Important

When choosing a Gyuto Knife, there are a few things to keep in mind. Among them, the most important is the knife size.

But why is size so important? Let’s see some reasons behind it.

  • Firstly, the size of the Gyuto will determine the amount of food that can be cut in one go. If the size is big, you will be able to cut more in a single attempt.
  • Secondly, the size of the knife will also affect how easily it can be handled. You know, small Gyutos are not perfect for simple tasks, and long ones are for hard tasks. So, both are experts in their field.
  • Finally, the size of the knife will affect the amount of time that it will take to master the techniques of using it.

So, now you know how important your Gyuto selection is?

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For these reasons, you should select this kitchen item carefully. The previous section will help you select a better Gyuto.


Size selection is a nagging matter if you are buying a Gyuto for the first time. But you should not be hesitant.

After using this knife for a long time, you will reach a realization.

Then you will know how long your Gyuto will be. Our preference is your comfort. If you feel snug with 300mm Gyuto then you shouldn’t look at 220mm.

The same thing is recommended if 220mm attracts your mind. Now you need to find which you are comfortable with.

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