What Knives Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef who got fame for his cooking show called The Naked Chef.

He first appeared on a BBC documentary during his job as a sous chef at River Café in London. He has also hosted another show called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and published 118 cookbooks. His show THE GREAT COOKBOOK CHALLENGE WITH JAMIE OLIVER released at 31 January 2022.

The British television network Channel 4 has hired celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s production company to create the eight-and-a-half-minute program “Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders,” in which he prepares dishes from his upcoming book “ONE: Simple One-Pan Wonders,” which will be released in September 2022.

Along with some amazing knife skills, Jamie has a wide variety of knives in his arsenal. What knives does Jamie Oliver use? Let’s introduce you to some of his most-used knives across the kitchen or dining table.

But first, let’s get to know him better-

Why is Jamie Oliver Famous?

Why is Jamie Oliver Famous

Making food was in the blood of Jamie Oliver. His parents owned a pub cum restaurant in Essex.

After graduating from Westminster Catering College, he started working as a pastry chef at Neal Street Restaurant in London. Soon he moved as a sous chef at River Café.

His talent came to light during a documentary in that café. Then he started his first TV show called The Naked Chef.

He is also famous for hosting Oliver’s Twist and several other shows. Jamie also has a lot of cookbooks that are best sellers even in current times. He is a chef known for simplifying cooking.

What Knives Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Jamie uses a couple of different knives for different purposes in the kitchen. Some of these knives are for regular chopping while some others are to handle difficult jobs like boning or paring.

What Knives Does Jamie Oliver Use

Let’s start with the smallest one.

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Small Paring Knife

  • Despite its small size, this knife is ‘Jack of All Trades’.
  • Jamie uses this knife for chopping small veggies or herbs. It is also used for paring apples or strawberries.
  • The smaller size of the knife gives precision while working with small items.

Steak Knife

  • This knife is slightly larger than the paring knife and has a partly serrated blade to easily cut through steaks or roasts.
  • It is mostly used on the dinner table during Thanksgiving or in backyard BBQs.

Filleting Knife

  • A filleting knife is essential for prepping fish.
  • These knives have flexible blades that bend under pressure so that Jamie can cut those fillets like butter.
  • Filleting knives can be easily bent to cut around the bones to get a clean fillet every time.

Crinkle-Cut Knife

  • This knife is more on the fancy side. It has a crinkled blade that Jamie uses to make shaped edges on different fruits or veggies such as apple, cucumber, carrot, etc.

Utility Knife

  • You may see this knife in almost every home. This is a versatile knife that can be used for so many different purposes.
  • From peeling vegetables to chopping or dicing them, a utility knife comes in handy every time.
  • Jamie uses this knife mostly for chopping, dicing, or fine slicing.

Boning Knife

  • This knife has a slightly different shape than common knives. The blade is thinner than paring or utility knives and the tip of the knife is tilted upward.
  • It is mostly used for deboning meat or fish.
  • Due to the pointy edge, it is easy to reach difficult points around bones.
  • The blade is very sturdy, so you can easily cut through tough muscles.
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Chef Knife

  • This is probably the most common knife used in every kitchen. Jamie uses a 10-inch chef knife with a thick blade and contoured handle for ultimate comfort.
  • It is mostly used for rough chopping, cutting fish or meat fillets, etc.
  • The bottom of the knife is a lot wider and the tip has a rounded shape.

Santoku Knife

  • Santoku knife is originated in Japan but has a precious place in Jamie’s kitchen.
  • This knife has a wide, sharp blade with a weighted handle that allows him to keep the balance while chopping or slicing.
  • This can be used as an all-purpose knife too.
  • There are grooves on both sides of the blade so that food doesn’t stick to the blade while cutting.


  • This has the widest blade of all knives. The blade is also heavier which Jamie uses to cut through bones.
  • The blade comes pretty flat on the cutting board which is also helpful while prepping thick meat.

Carving Knife

  • A carving knife isn’t generally used during food preparation. Rather it is used while enjoying a delicious steak or roast.
  • The long and heavy blade of this knife easily cuts through meat without destroying the texture.

Bread Knife

  • This knife has the longest blade of all knives that Jamie Oliver uses.
  • Whether you slice a big chunk of bread or dice leftover bread to make delicious croutons, the serrated blade of this knife will effortlessly cut through bread.

What Other Kitchen Tools Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Along with a set of quality knives, Jamie uses a large array of kitchen tools to make cooking much more fun. Here’s a quick overview so that you can have the same tools too.

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Pans Or Skillets

What Other Kitchen Tools Does Jamie Oliver Use - Pans or Skillets

A classic cast iron skillet is a must-have. It will be better if you have non-stick pans and grill pans.

Cooking Pots

What Other Kitchen Tools Does Jamie Oliver Use - Cooking Pot

Large pots or saucepans come in handy for cooking a large amount of rice or making stew. Both cast iron and stainless steel pots work fine. You also need some heavy-bottomed pans.


What Other Kitchen Tools Does Jamie Oliver Use - Utensils

From metal whisks to a plastic spatula or wooden spoon, Jamie has everything within his arm’s reach.

Knives And Cutting Boards

What Other Kitchen Tools Does Jamie Oliver Use - Knives and Cutting Boards

You might already know about Jamie’s knives. He uses a thick wooden cutting board for all his cutting jobs.

Other tools include grater, food processor, colander, peeler, etc., which are essential when preparing delicious meals.


Despite being a famous chef, Jamie Oliver inspires us to keep things simple while cooking.

From using basic ingredients to applying simple cooking techniques, he teaches us how the best flavor can be pulled out of any ingredients.

Now that you know what knives does Jamie Oliver use, you can buy yourself a set of those knives to make food preparation much easier.

When you have a separate knife for a certain purpose, the outcome will be much better than using a general knife.

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