How To Use A Japanese Deba Knife

How To Use A Japanese Deba Knife? – Tips & Tricks

Japanese Deba knives are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries, thanks to their sleek and simple design.

There are various uses of these knives and each has different procedures. In that case, knowing this knife using techniques is very important if you are new to this knife.

To use Japanese Deba, first of all, you have to take perfect-sized Deba for your cutting help. Then you have to prepare the Sushi Board by cleaning them.

After using, you have to perform proper care and maintenance tasks to keep the knife sharp.

There is something more you need to know about Japanese Deba knives that will make your kitchen cutting easier and safer.

So, let’s start learning how to use a Japanese Deba knife.

How To Use A Japanese Deba Knife?

How To Use A Japanese Deba Knife?

We all know the cutting process of a Salmon and Tuna are not the same. In that case, there are different processes for every different use of Japanese Deba knives.

But at one point, we have to follow the same process to get out of these knives.

Let’s see that process and learn how to use a Japanese Deba knife –

Step 1: Take the Deba Knife carefully.

Step 2: Mop the knife with a dry rag.

Step 3: Set Up The Sushi Board.

Step 4: Cutting the Fish/vegetable or perform other cutting.

Step 5: Cleaning the Sushi Platter.

Step 6: Keep the Knife in a safe place from your pet or children.

From Sushi Board setting up to knife cleaning, and finally keeping them in a safe place all are important to get the best and long service from a Japanese Deba knife and also for your safety. Because these knives are very sharp.

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Some Japanese Deba Knife Using Tips

Some Japanese Deba Knife Using Tips

There is something that you need to know while using these knives for the first time. If you make any mistake related to these things, then you may cause personal harm and damage to the knives.

Let’s know these tips. These are among the many parts of how to use a Japanese Deba Knife.

Safety Tips

Safety Tips

There are so many things that you must know as a beginner in Deba. But the first and most important thing that you need to remember is not to lean on this knife all around.

As a matter of fact, you may cut yourself and cause an infection if it is touching your skin.

While keeping these knives after use, you have to keep them out of reach to your pets and children. Because Japanese knives have sharp cutting edges.

While doing some risky things, make sure you wear hand gloves.

2X Fast Working Speed Tips

2X Fast Working Speed Tips

As Japanese Deba knives are best for cutting fish, you may keep a dry rag near your hands. These rags will help you to mop the blade and your hands.

By dry blade and hands, your cutting speed will increase 2 times and it will increase safety.

With that, try to follow proper cutting procedures while using these knives. The proper process is important. With that, try to place the sushi board perfectly.

Moving board delay your work and destroy the platter design. They will hamper your safety too.

Sushi Board Placement

Sushi Board Placement

We told you that these cutting boards are very important for your cutting speed and safety. However, how to place these boards while using Japanese Deba knives?

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The answer is, to place it on the kitchen table so that it cannot move front and back or ups and downs.

If it moves, use something that can keep it stable. We have seen some people using towels or kitchen clothes. They will help the board and you at a time.

Using Restrictions Tips

Using Restrictions Tips

Don’t use them for tough jobs like cutting the hard bones. This type of task is not in the range of these small knives.

These are just made for cutting fish, vegetables, and removing meats from bones. If you try to cut them, then the blade will lose its working capacity.

With that, always try to use boards to use these knives on. Any kind of concrete or steel plate will reduce the knife’s performance.

You cannot use Deba on hard things like steel, iron, or concrete.

Maintenance Or Caring Tips

Maintenance or Caring Tips

After using or handling them with care, the next important thing is washing them. You should wash your Deba knife with your hands.

Please do not put it in the dishwasher or washing machine, as this will cause damage to the blade and dullness of its edge.

After washing, you have to dry the knife using towels or tissue. These are the best ways to do that. After drying, keep that in the small leather bag if possible.

This will cover the sharp blade and make it safe. The leather bag would not be necessary if you can make a wooden block to keep them.

If you use them after a long time then try to use some rust-preventing oil or lubricants. It is not mandatory because Japanese Deba Knives are made of high-quality carbon steel that prevents rust by itself.

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Sharpening Tips

Sharpening Tips

The best way to sharpen a Japanese Deba knife is whitestone. And while doing the sharpening task, try to use your hands. Only sharpen when you need that.

Excessive sharpening is bad for these carbon steel knives. You may damage its cutting performance by making any mistake while sharpening.


If we go to talk about how to use a Japanese Deba knife then we have to know why you want to use them. Because every use of these knives has a different way of doing it.

But overall, these are the steps to use these knives. If you follow all our tips and using processes given in this discussion then your Japanese Deba knife using experience will be best.

Thanks for reading from us.

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