Egypt Knife Laws

Knife Laws In Egypt: Everything You Need to Know

The laws regarding knives are equally intriguing in the land of the Pharaohs, where ancient civilizations once thrived. Like many other countries, Egypt has laws to ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors.

You may wonder, what exactly are the knife laws in Egypt? Well, there is nothing special mentioned about the knife in particular.

But the possession of knives in public places is restricted and can only be carried with a valid reason. Failure to comply with these laws can result in severe penalties, even imprisonment.

So, before embarking on your adventure in Egypt, it’s important to be familiar with the knife laws to avoid any legal consequences.

Stay tuned to learn the ins and outs of knife laws in Egypt.

Knife Laws In Egypt: Ins and Out

In Egypt, the legality of carrying knives can often be a confusing and misunderstood topic. As there are, no specific laws on carrying a knife is illegal. But knives play a significant role in public safety.

Recently, there have been some reports of knife attacks in the region. It eventually heightened concerns about knife usage.

Ignorance of these laws can lead to serious consequences, so it’s important to educate people about the knife laws before carrying a knife in public.

Illegal Knives In Egypt

Illegal Knives in Egypt

In Egypt, the carrying of sharp or bladed instruments is strictly regulated for the safety of all citizens. However, determining what constitutes a legal knife can be a complex matter.

However, the law does not specify a legal knife length that is permitted to carry. But generally, folding pocket knives with a cutting edge of around 3 inches are considered acceptable.

Furthermore, no special mentions are in the law about illegal knives. So, it is assumed the knives which are illegal in many countries, are illegal in Egypt. The potentially illegal knives can be like this :

  • Ballistic Knife
  • Switchable Knives
  • Air gauge knives
  • Belt buckle knives
  • Cane knives
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Please keep in mind that the list can be logged with other knives as well. These are just some rough ideas of knives and their size.

Since it’s not determined what size knife is legal to carry in Egypt, it’s best to always research and verify the laws in your specific region.

Carrying Knives In Public Places Is Not Advised

In Egypt, it is generally advised to avoid carrying knives in public spaces. The laws surrounding knife possession may not be explicitly defined, but the consequences for carrying a knife can still result in fines.

First let’s have a quick look at the data of some countries representing knife stabbed deaths in 2019.

CountryDeathRatio (Per 100k)
Sri Lanka2791.28
Countries’ knife-stabbing death data for 2019

This statistics have taken from a world population review. These are some rough estimations. This is 2019 statistics.

Countries' Knife-Stabbing Death

According to this list above, Egypt has the lowest rate of knife stabbing deaths among all other countries. There was no specific legislation regarding carrying knives, and the government has yet to develop one.

Nonetheless, the death count in 2019 is expected to be about 90. As a result, state police are on high alert in this case.

So, places with heightened security measures, such as schools, government buildings, and public sporting events, should be avoided when carrying a knife.

So, can you carry a knife or pepper spray for your safety? the answer is yes; you may have permission to carry it anywhere, but with permission of the authority. According to the Egyptian constitution 2014, you have the right to defend yourself. So, if it is well explained, you may not be fined.

Article 98 - Right to defense

So, if you’re planning a visit to a hospital or university, it’s recommended to leave your knife at home to ensure that you do not break any code of conduct.

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Can A Knife Be Licensed?

Yes, it might be licensed and considered a firearm license, using what you may carry, a knife.

According to the 2011 Egyptian constitution, a gun can be licensed following some criteria, such as-

  • Being 21 years old
  • Having to use it for safety purposes, and some other things. These laws are described under Annex 9.1 and Annex 9.2
Annex 9.1
Annex 9.2

However, going for a weapon license is not recommended as it can take a lot of hassles. You may go through the gun ownership process to have a license for a weapon.

But it is time-consuming and a process consisting of complexities. So, it is wise not to go for this.

Knife Laws In Egypt: Knowing The Penalties And Punishments

Egypt is a country where it is best to leave your knife at home. Despite the lack of specific laws, law enforcement may still question individuals if their knife-carrying appears suspicious.

So, can you be fined for carrying a knife in Egypt despite a lack of knife laws? The answer is yes. Police have the authority to enforce the law according to the situation outlined in Article 206 of the 2014 Egyptian Constitution.

Article 206. Mandate

Now, you may ask, how much is the fine? Well, it can vary. Law enforcement can decide, according to the situation. But law 394 of the 1954 Egyptian constitution says the fine can be around $2,500. It isn’t few at all!

law 394 of the 1954 Egyptian constitution

Also, the same constitution implies that the necessary authority must permit the selling and manufacturing of weapons. Otherwise, this would be considered an illegal act, and action will be taken.

Article 28 of Law No.394

Some Relevant Laws

Firearms Licensing Requirements And Restrictions On Use

In this law, enforcement authorities will take action based on the kind of weapon. For example, the chief of security will look after the gun-issuing things. But when it is about a “white weapon,” local police will issue it.

Prohibited Weapons And Equipments

This law distributes the weapons that are specifically prohibited. It also serves the prohibition criteria for equipment.

 Law No. 394 of 1954, art. 1.

Firearms Licensing Requirements And Restrictions In Use

This one published the required documents for issuing a weapon permit and the activity involved, such as police clearance and all that.

Firearms Licensing Requirements and Restrictions on Use


Do you have some questions to ask still? Keep your eyes here. We will answer your inquiries.

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Q: Does carrying knives need a special permit in Egypt?

No. There is no requirement in any legislation that a knife be authorized to be carried. However, according to Article 394 of the Egyptian Constitution of 1954, “white weapons” must be carried with a license provided by the local police chief.

Q: Can you carry a knife in a car in Egypt?

As mentioned before, carrying knives is not recommended. Whether it is in the pocket, in hand, or the car. If it is suspicious, law enforcement will take action against it.

Q: Are automatic knives illegal in Egypt?

No, it is not illegal. But any kind of switchblade needs to be permitted by issuing authorities.

Q: How common is knife-related death in Egypt?

According to world population review data, approximately 90 people per 100,000 die from knife stabs in Egypt till 2023. Although it is not considered a high rate, it is still a concern that should not be ignored.


All in all, the knife laws in Egypt are primarily focused on ensuring public safety and preventing knife attacks. Carrying knives in public places is strictly regulated and can result in severe penalties, even imprisonment, if violated.

It is best to avoid carrying knives in public spaces. However, carrying a knife with a valid reason can be permissible, but a license is needed.

Lastly, the most important thing to know is fine. It can vary, but the fine can be up to $2,500.

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