Thailand Knife Laws

Knife Laws in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful tourist country. However, in Thailand, knife laws regulate their use to ensure public safety. Knowing the specific laws can save you from being harassed by law enforcement.

So, what are knife laws in Thailand? Well, there are no particular laws on carrying knives in Thailand. But certain size knives are completely fine to carry while big or dangerous knives carrying isn’t wise. You may need to give a proper explanation in that case.

This article aims to provide a clear and concise guide on Thailand’s knife laws. It will be including the list of illegal knives, legal knife length, and penalties for breaking these laws. So, keep your eyes on it!


  • Statewide Preemption: Not specified ( State law enforcement decides )
  • Concealed Carry: Not specified. But in special circumstances, the inspection might be placed.
  • Major Cities With Knife Ordinances: Not specified
  • Critical Dimensions: Not Noted
  • Prohibited in specific places: School, courthouses, and other restricted public gatherings
  • Fine: Up to 500 bahts

Knife Laws in Thailand

In Thailand, carrying a knife with you is completely independent. But it depends on some other matter if you carry a knife, but it is too sharp and dangerous. Because occasionally, knife genocides occur in Thailand.

Your knife carry has to be well explained. However, let’s know everything about Thailand knife law.

The crime ratio featuring knife stabbing isn’t so high though. But some incidents were quite serious. Let’s have a quick look at the knife stabbed death ratio in Thailand and some other countries.

CountryStabbing death rate (Percentage)

These are some of the countries having the highest rate of knife stab deaths. This is the death rate for every 100 persons.

See, all the listed countries have a lesser death ratio than Thailand. So, it may be independent to carry a knife in Thailand, but it has to be valid and well explained.

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Illegal Knives in Thailand

In Thailand, some knives are illegal to carry, possess, sell, manufacture, import, or trade. The basis of illegality could be the length of the blade or the type of knife. However, illegal knives are not defined on which parameter it is prohibited. But any length of the knife which may harm people is not allowed to carry.

However, it is said that Spring-assisted knives are illegal to carry in Thailand.

Some other potential illegal knives can be the following ones:

  • Folding knives with a blade longer than 3 inches
  • Butterfly knives
  • Swords and other long blades
  • Spring-assisted knives
  • Throwing knives and other throwing weapons

It is important to note that the provided list of knives and their sizes is not exhaustive, and other types of knives may also be prohibited.

It is highly recommended to conduct thorough research and verify the laws in your specific region before carrying a knife. Because the laws regarding weapon possession can vary and change over time.

Staying informed and up-to-date on the most recent regulations is crucial to avoid any legal issues related to knife possession.

Where to Avoid Carrying Knife in Thailand?

As mentioned before, carrying safe knives such as pocket knife is absolutely fine if it is a pocket knife and the blade is less than 3 inches. But in public places, it is not allowed to carry because it may cause serious harm if someone attacks.

Public places such as schools, colleges, or parliament are not the place you will carry knives with. Also, it is wise not to stay in a public place like a busy street in front of the police if you carry a knife with you.

So, the question is, if there is no law regarding knives, can you still be fined? The answer is yes. You still can be fined and punished. In Thai Laws, Section Code: 0011 – 0015, there is a clear statement that carrying a weapon or chemical product that may harm others is prohibited.

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So, it is quite evident that you can be interrogated or fined if law enforcements think you are carrying a knife as a weapon.

Can’t I Carry a Knife in Other Ways?

You still can carry a knife, as said before. But the knife has to have a blade shorter than 3 inches. Additionally, if you carry other knives that are sharper and might be a weapon, you need to explain it in a good manner.

You are absolutely fine to carry a knife for defense purposes. If you can show it in a way, you may avoid further problems.

In Section Code: 0066 – 0072, chapter 4, section 68, It is mentioned that anyone can do self-defense to save his/her rights.

Knowing the Penalties and Punishment for Carrying Illegal Knives

Carrying an unauthorized knife is a serious violation in Thailand that can result in sanctions. Anyone caught with illegal blades faces a fine of up to 500 baht under Thai law. The exact sentence will be determined by the facts of the case, such as the sort of knife and the intent of the person carrying it.

Section 372 of the Thai law library states that if someone disrupts the peace of others, he or she may be penalized up to 500 baths.

Although the law isn’t particulate carrying knives in public places or somewhere else, you may think the rule might apply under this law. As law enforcement has the power to fine anybody if they suspect. And this too is mentioned in Thai law.

Under the MARTIAL LAW, B.E. 2457 (1914), in section 6, it has been said that militaries have superior powers over civilians.

Different Laws for Different Kinds of Knives?

Different knives have different legal requirements in Thailand. For instance, carrying a hunting knife in a car is legal as long as it is for a lawful purpose, such as hunting or camping. However, carrying a hunting knife on a public street or in a threatening manner is illegal.

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Knife Laws in Thailand: Know Some Relevance

Thailand’s knife legislation includes certain exceptions. It is acceptable to have one depending on the position or necessary reason. Farmers, for example, are permitted to carry certain knives used in farming chores. Traditional Thai knives such as the Thai Dha and the Krabi Krabong are also permitted.

List of Relevant Laws

Knowing the relevant laws in Thailand regarding arms and weapon usage is crucial. Below is a list of relevant laws:

Fireworks, ammunition, and other relevant prohibitions are mentioned in this law

This law is that if someone messes with a military person, it will be a criminal offense

In section 12, law enforcements can consider using a seizure prohibited if  it looks suspicious.


All in all, carrying knives in Thailand is not completely illegal, but it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations.

There are no particular laws regulating carrying knives, but law enforcement has the power to fine individuals who they suspect of carrying knives as weapons.

Understanding the laws and regulations around carrying knives in Thailand can help prevent legal issues and ensure public safety. It is always advised to conduct thorough research and verify the laws in your specific region before carrying a knife.

Additionally, avoid carrying knives in public places such as schools, colleges, or parliament.

However, farmers and those who require knives for their work are permitted to carry certain types of knives. This is applicable even if they carry a sharp knife.

Lastly, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the most recent regulations around knife possession and ensure you carry knives for lawful reasons only.

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