Israel Knife Laws

Israel Knife Laws: Restrictions And Exceptions

There’s no doubt that Israel didn’t overlook knives like some other countries. Israel knife laws are quite solid and stand for public safety.

Therefore, you can already guess that laws are quite strict, and the consequences are as well.

Well, whether you are new to this country, a citizen who isn’t aware, or a tourist, knowing knife laws is quite crucial. As for certain circumstances, their laws can get you into big trouble!

Don’t worry about it, as we have covered you here with every little law to knives. Starting from buying knives from stores, importing illegal knives, and determining what size knife is legal to carry in Israel, we will get into everything.


Before we dig in deep, it’s always a good idea to skim through the contents you will be reading through the article. So let’s check it out first.

Illegal Knives In Israel

As per (Amendment No. 33) 5791-1991, the only type of knife that is illegal in Israel is switchblades.

They didn’t mention switchblades specifically but said any knife that cannot be turned into a fixed-blade knife with the help of a spring or other means.

From this definition, we can conclude that switchblades are what’s meant here and, therefore, illegal.


Some people might get confused about switchblades and how they can identify them.

In short, switchblades are knives that open their blade with a push mechanism. A spring is involved in the mechanism which helps the blade to be pulled out quickly, making the process quick and easy.

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Definition Of Knife

According to Israel, a blade and a handle don’t qualify as a knife. So who knows, maybe the knife you are thinking about carrying doesn’t even qualify as knives.

Here, the definition of a knife will come in handy. The (Amendment No. 33) 5791-1991 says;

Amendment No. 33) 5791-1991

Thus, you are safe if you are just willing to carry a utility knife or anything that isn’t capable of stabbing or cutting. Additionally, no laws mentioned below or above is not applicable.

Can I Carry A Knife In Israel?

When it comes to carrying a knife, the question of open carry vs concealed carry always comes up. However, in Isreal, these questions are not even valid. Why? You are not allowed to carry a knife outside your home or premises that you own.

This is what (Amendment No. 33) 1991 (Amendment No. 53) 2000 (Amendment No. 58) 2001 says;

(Amendment No. 33) 1991 (Amendment No. 53) 2000 (Amendment No. 58) 2001

However, you can see that there’s a part where it says, “if you can’t prove to possess them for a lawful purpose.”

This is certainly made for people who have a profession related to knives, such as hunters, or just a random night out for barbeque.

On the other hand, don’t carry a knife in car in Israel. This is also considered carrying with you and hence illegal.

Restricted Areas Where You Can’t Carry Knives

Just because you are allowed to carry a knife on your premises doesn’t mean you can every place. There are certain areas that knife laws in Israel restrict you from.

Here, any type of knife is prohibited from being carried on any educational premises.

Thus, if you are a school owner and think you are on your premises and can carry knives there, then you are wrong. The law (Amendment No. 33) 1991 (Amendment No. 53) 2000 (Amendment No. 58) 2001 clearly states you are not allowed to.

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Illegality In Importing Or Manufacturing Knives

Importing or manufacturing any sort of knives that are not used for a profession, craft, business, or household purposes is completely illegal. Thus, either importing or manufacturing, you have to answer to the government for your purpose of knife.

If the type of knife you thinking of doesn’t show any good purpose for the general people, then you are out for good. Nevertheless, if you are interested in knowing what the law states, then here’s what (Amendment No. 33) 5791-1991 is about;

Amendment No 33 (5791 - 1991)

What Size Of A Knife Can I Carry?

There are certain limits to owning a knife. Regarding Israel, the legal knife length is 10 centimeters as per (Amendment No. 33) 5791-1991. The measurement is taken from the tip of a knife to the butt, not the blade size.

Selling To Minors

The knife laws here are strictly against selling knives to minors if not for household purposes. As per (Amendment No. 53) 2000;

Amendment No. 53) 2000

Hence, when it comes to selling, there are protocols to follow. A business owner or a person who works in the business may demand from the person requesting to be sold knife.

Yet, with the exception of a knife for a household or a certificate in which his age can be verified.

List Of Legal Knives In Israel

As you can already see, the only knife that is banned here is a switchblade. Thus, any other type of knife that is not a switchblade is legal here as long as you can show a purpose for it.

Additionally, fits the legal length. Here are some examples;

  • Dirks
  • Daggers
  • Jackknife
  • Butterfly knives
  • Hunting knives
  • Pocket knives
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Penalties For Not Obeying the Knife Laws

There are penalties involved, just like in other countries, when you don’t obey the rules. We have to say that the penalties are quite harsh. Here they are;

  • Selling a knife to a minor without household purposes, the seller can face 7 years of jail time.
  • Possessing a knife outside of your premises without unlawful purposes can lead to 5 years of imprisonment.
  • Importing illegal knives can lead to 7 years of jail time.
  • 7 years might seem short when 20 years of jail time are ready. Well, when do you get a 20-year jail time? Let’s check it out in the next section.

Consequences of Harming Someone With a Knife

If you have a knife and have tried to harm or already harmed anyone, 20 years of imprisonment is ready to be served. There’s certainly escaping that.

As per (Amendment No. 120) 2015, Anyone who harms a person with a bullet, knife, or other dangerous weapons shall be imprisoned for 20 years.

Stabbing Death Rate In Israel

You might be wondering why the laws regarding knives are so strict here. Well, if you have a look at the stabbing death rate in Israel, you will know why.


To conclude, it’s recommended that you don’t bring a knife out if you don’t have your profession related to it.

The Israeli knife laws are quite rough. They may allow you to own many types of knives but don’t lets you bring them out with you.

Similarly, always ensure the knife is 10 centimeters or lower in size, even if you have legal reasons. Yet, as a seller, you should always check for identification before handing out the knife.

Additionally, don’t import or manufacture knives that don’t fulfill household or other professional purposes.

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