Alaska Knife Laws

Alaska Knife Laws 101: All You Should Know About

There are numerous chances for outdoor activities here in the last frontier. Indeed that requires a knife for protection.

This state has the densest forest packed with wild animals such as bison, grizzly bears, wolves, and so on.

So, keeping a knife is not a matter of choice here. If you want to survive here, you have to carry a knife or gun with you.

Therefore, you will see the most flexible knife law here. Carrying a knife is not illegal in Alaska.

However, what size knife is legal to carry in Alaska? There are more hidden rules and regulations you need to follow here.

In this article, you are about to know knife laws in Alaska with all the exceptions in depth.


  • Statewide Preemption: Yes.
  • Concealed Carry: A person can carry a concealed knife, but a switchblade knife unless 21 years old. However, the police and private property owner should be informed about that before being asked.
  • Schools: Carrying any deadly or defensive weapon in the school is a violation of the law. But you can carry it if the school administrator allows that.
  • Critical Dimension: Not applicable.

List Of Illegal Knives In Alaska

Despite the most flexible laws on keeping a deadly firearm or knife, some knives are illegal throughout the state.

Some are illegal in the state, and some in certain areas. For example, concealed carry of a switchblade or gravity knife is illegal before 21 years old.

Can Not Carry In Certain Areas

Indeed you can not carry a weapon in schools, even if you are over 16 years old. However, you can keep it in your car and park it.

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But, you can not show or expose your knife under any circumstances.

If you want to carry a knife with you, you should get permission from the school administrator.

Also, carrying a knife or any deadly weapons is prohibited in the courthouse or military installations.

Alaska Court System Prohibited Items List

If you are entering someone’s private property, you should not carry a weapon. Or, it would be best to inform the property owner what you are carrying.

But, you can carry a knife in a car in Alaska. And that is not a crime or prohibited by any means.

Illegality In Local Governments

As you know, the last frontier is mostly a dense forest. Here encountering wild animals is pretty common. And carrying a knife is not illegal by circumstances.

Unlike other states, local governments can not make laws that are more strict than state laws.

So, there is no prohibition from the local governments regarding a pocket knife or carrying a concealed knife.

Conceal Carry

You can carry and concealed pocket knife. However, you must be over 21 years of age to conceal a switchblade or gravity knife.

Also, when police officers stop you, it is better to inform them that you are carrying a knife or other deadly weapons.

If he/she wants to secure the weapon, you better not resist. To secure the weapon, you should hand it over to the police offer or act according to what the police officers ask.

Otherwise, it will be considered a punishable crime.

You have to act the same when entering someone’s property. You have to tell the resident owner about your concealed knife. And carry further after the permission.

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It is the same crime to carry a concealed knife in a residential area without the permission of the owner, and the same punishment is applicable under a four-degree crime.

Sell And Transfer

Selling an automatic or gravity knife is illegal to a person less than 18 years old. Unless you get written permission from his or her parent, it is a violation under 11.61.210.

Sec. 11.61.210

Penalties and Punishment For Carrying Illegal Knives

You can carry a knife anywhere but the school ground and courthouse, and military installations. Violating the rules is a four-degree crime.

And you can face up to one year of jail and a fine up to $10,000 for doing that.

Express about the concealed knife is the safest way when police stop you or enter a private area. If you do not do that, that is a crime.

Also, concealing a switchblade or gravity knife under 21 is a punishable crime. And you can go to 90 days of jail and be fined up to $2,000.

Why Are Alaska Knife Laws Not Strict?

The last frontier is not like other states. Living here is like outdoor camping every time. Why?

It is the sanctuary of numerous animals that can take your life within a second. Therefore, you need a defensive weapon to protect yourself from all circumstances.

Keeping that in mind, knife laws in Alaska are not strict as the federal laws.

For example, according to federal law, you can not carry a switchblade or gravity knife. Yet that law is not applicable here in Alaska.

15 U.S. Code § 1244 - Exceptions

Also, the local government can not make any more strict laws than the state laws. If you are above 21, it is legal to carry any knives and firearms here.

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When carrying a knife is an essential tool for survival, there is no need to put restrictions on that.

And that applies well in the last frontier with the most flexible laws on deadly weapons.

Do Not Cross Your Limit

You are allowed to carry any deadly weapon. That does not mean you can do anything with that.

You can use the weapon under defensive circumstances. Except for certain areas, you can use knives anywhere.

However, you should never use a knife to threaten someone or do something illegal.

There is no legal knife length here in the last frontier. However, you can carry a switchblade or gravity knife right after 21 years old.

It is the same punishable crime as federal laws say. And you have to be aware of the concealed knife. Hiding it from the police officer is a punishable crime.

So, inform them before they find the knife under your clothes.


Alaska knife laws are not strict compared to the other states. It is okay to carry a knife or firearms when you are more than 21.

And carrying a pocket knife has no issue for 16 years of age.

Due to the challenging wildlife, not carrying a defensive weapon can be dangerous for you. Therefore, carrying a knife with you is legal to protect yourself from wild animals.

But, you should never carry a knife in prohibited areas such as school grounds, courthouses, military structures, etc.

And a concealed non-pocket knife is illegal for less than 21 years of age.

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