Where Are Miyabi Knives Made

Where Are Miyabi Knives Made?

There are dozens of kitchen knives worldwide- most of them come from China, Germany, and Japan.

Miyabi knives are among the sharpest and most visually appealing of the dozens of knives available. But where are Miyabi knives made?

Miyabi knives are generally made in Seki, Japan. It combines traditional Japanese sword making traditions with cutting-edge technology and modern materials.

In this article, we’ll explore the manufacturing history of Miyabi knives and some other interesting stuff about the knives that you never knew before. Don’t miss it!

Where Are Miyabi Knives Made?

Miyabi knives are well-known worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive features.

They offer superior steel and eye-catching artwork not found in usual handmade knives.

History Of Miyabi Knives

History Of Miyabi Knives

Miyabi knives have a fascinating history. When Zwilling (a German knife manufacturer) realized that more extraordinary Japanese steel was taking over all of the knife markets, they made a quick plan.

They had purchased two Japanese knife factories located in Seki, Japan.

After the ownership, they have been manufacturing great blades that mix the techniques of German and Japanese cultures, combining these uncommon civilizations and providing a sense for knife manufacturers since then.

Customers who’ve only used Western knives can discover a one-of-a-kind and ideal entry point into Japanese artistry.

Seki: The City of Blades

Seki: The City of Blades

The name Seki refers to a city in the prefecture of Gifu in Japan and is the traditional sword and knife manufacturing capital.

The ZWILLING Group purchased its own knives factory in Seki in 2004, as we have already seen in the history section.

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Today, MIYABI knives combine Seki’s most vigorous Japanese craft with flawless German mechanical expertise in ZWILLING’s Solingen facility.

This acclaimed joint venture delivers the highest quality Japanese knives to every kitchen.

How Much Time Does It Take To Produce Miyabi Knives?

How Much Time does it Take to Produce Miyabi Knives

Over 100 processes and a total of 42 days are required to create a Miyabi knife. Expert artisans handcraft each genuine knife following Japanese tradition, and premium steel and cutting-edge machinery are used in its creation.

Each blade features long-lasting sharpness, precise cutting, and exceptional performance for every cutting.

Some Great Features of Miyabi Knives

Miyabi knives have some great features that make this knife 10 out of 10 among other knives that come from Japan.

1. Steel

MIYABI knives are made from three different types of steel: MC63 steel, CMV60 steel, and Zwilling special formula steel.

MC63 Steel
MC63 Steel

This is an extremely high-quality piece of steel. Although the design is nearly the same, these knives are super sharp.

Because of this, only those with sufficient knife-wielding experience should consider purchasing knives from this series.

CMV60 Steel
CMV60 Steel

Utilizing this steel knife doesn’t require a high level of technical expertise. However, you should have some knowledge about Japanese knives.

Zwilling Special Formula Steel
Zwilling Special Formula Steel

This knife series is for you if you aren’t a professional knife user. Although the blades are not razor sharp, they can cut veggies and fruits nicely.

2. Sharpness

Most of the world’s razor-sharpest blades are created by a company that goes by the brand name MIYABI.

We know that the Japanese are very passionate about food. They had long been aware of the significance of having a knife sharpness to maintain the original flavor and consistency of delicate foods such as sashimi.

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When you use an authentic Miyabi knife, you will experience the same sensation as a professional chef can acquire.

3. Design

Miyabi knives were designed originally for professional chefs and home cooks. They can perceive how the presence of a sharp knife elevates a dish of food and brings satisfaction to every meal.

4. Characteristics

MIYABI knives combine the best qualities of samurai swords. Exceptional sharpness, tradition, artistry, and performance are among them.

These characteristics were important with modern design for the finest kitchen knives.

How To Clean Miyabi Knives

How to Clean Miyabi Knives
  • All Miyabi Morimoto Edition knives are dishwasher safe. You can clean Miyabi knives in the dishwasher if you want. This is not a significant issue. However, the wash temperature shouldn’t exceed 130 °F.
  • Also, store these knives separately and in separate locations to avoid contact with other metal pieces or objects.
  • On the other hand, dishwasher cleaning chemicals can harm your knife’s steel surface. So remember that the knives you choose may lose the durability it promises.
  • Other Miyabi knives can be washed by hand. Experts advise that: Try to hand-wash all of your knives. Use a gentle detergent, and bring a non-scratch towel or sponge as well.
  • Using this cloth/sponge and detergent, clean these knives in lukewarm water. The process is then completed by promptly drying.


Although Miyabi Knives originated in Japan, its popularity has spread worldwide. From professional chefs to household cooks, everyone is using these knives today.

Miyabi knives come in a variety of sizes and are used for a variety of purposes. If you also want to experience the Japanese tradition, try Miyabi knives marked with the Miyabi logo in your kitchen at least once.

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There’s no doubt that you can experience the cultural practices of other nations without traveling and by staying in your kitchen room.

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