New Mexico Knife Laws

New Mexico Knife Law 101: Everything You Need to Know

The sunshine state is full of rocky mountains, and living is a bit rough here. But if you are an adventure enthusiast, there is much to do.

Despite being one of the most convenient places for hiking and skiing, New Mexico knife laws are not that flexible.

However, it has statewide preemption for all the laws regarding knives. Thus you will not be bothered by the local laws.

Yet, you need to know the knife laws in New Mexico to cope and enjoy a fun trip.

So, let me walk you through the laws and prohibitions of New Mexico regarding carrying a knife and all the possible consequences of violating the law.


  • Statewide Preemption: Yes
  • Concealed Carry: According to law, concealed carry is prohibited here. Regardless of any knife length, concealing is not permitted here.
  • Schools: Carrying any weapon that can be deadly is strictly prohibited on the school premises.
  • Critical Dimension: Not applicable

List Of illegal knives In New Mexico

There is no long list of illegal knives here in the sunshine state. Only two types of knives are illegal to own, sell, trade, carry, import, or manufacture.

  • Switchblade
  • Balisong/ Butterfly knife

Following the federal knife law, a switchblade is not permitted to own. Along with that, a balisong or butterfly knife is also illegal here.

Never Carry A Knife In School Or University

Any weapon that is considered deadly is prohibited on the school premises. In this case, the law is not flexible in a fraction. And the same thing goes for universities too.

According to 30-7-2.1 and 2.4, it will be a fourth-degree felony to violate the law and carry a knife or other deadly weapons to these premises.

Section 30-7-2.1

Unless you have written permission from the authority, carrying a knife is not suggested in any educational institute.

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Only a peace officer, security personnel, and anyone who is in the army, navy, or marine corp is out of this law.

One more question may clarify it further. Can you carry a knife in a car on New Mexico school premises?

If you have a private vehicle, you can do that.

No Special Local Laws

One thing is good about the New Mexico knife laws; here, you do not need to consider the local government laws.

There are only two minor exceptions in the local laws. Otherwise, state laws are the prior and final laws for using knives.

In Bernalillo Co. knife blades should not be longer than five inches. Also, four inches is the maximum knife length in Eunice.

These are the two exceptions that I guess are not so difficult by any means. Also, you can use knives for your protection, not to harm or attack somebody.

Conceal Carry Is Prohibited

Any knife that is considered a deadly weapon is prohibited from concealing. Yes, the state has a flexible knife law of open carry.

However, concealed carry is a completely different scenario. Whether the knife is legal or illegal, you can not conceal or carry a knife as long as it is considered a deadly weapon.

And violating this rule is a petty misdemeanor.

The law says deadly weapons- so you can carry a pocket knife. Usually, a pocket knife is not a deadly weapon according to state law.

So, what size knife is legal to carry in New Mexico?

Any knife under two inches is considered a pocket knife. Thus, you can conceal carry a legal knife that is under two inches.

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However, you can open carry any legal knife regardless of length.

Knife Is For Protection Not To Attack

Here is the thing that makes sense – your knife is an essential survival tool.

In any circumstances, if you intentionally attack or commit a crime using a knife, that can increase the punishment.

A knife should be used for self-defense and as an outdoor gear tool. Since you can do numerous adventures in the sunshine state, a knife is an essential thing to make legal.

Therefore, any misuse of a deadly weapon is considered a serious crime. In most cases, you can go for up to three years of jail for these silly crimes.

And that is where I am coming next.

Punishment For Violating Knife Laws

Mainly, there are three types of violations that can occur with knives. Some may not consider it a crime. However, it can go strictly based on your actions.

  • Carrying a weapon in prohibited places.
  • Concealing a deadly weapon.
  • Owning an illegal knife.

Concealing a knife is a petty misdemeanor. And you can go for up to six months of jail and up to a $500 fine for violating the law.

As you know, carrying a knife is illegal on the school premises. Violating this law is the last silly mistake you want to make.

If you violate laws and carry any deadly weapon to the school premises, it is a fourth-degree felony.

According to the New Mexico laws, you can go up to eighteen months of jail and a $5000 fine.

Carrying an illegal knife is also a petty misdemeanor. As long as you are not committing any crime using the knife, you can get up to a $500 fine and go to six months of jail for violating this law.

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However, you need to be conscious about selling and manufacturing illegal knives. These are serious crimes.

If you knowingly deliver a knife to an individual who intends to commit a crime, you can also make yourself guilty. You will also be punished if anyone commits a crime using your knife.

List Of Legal Knives

You can own any knife except automatic or switchblade knives and butterfly knives. Here are the popular knives of New Mexico that are legal to own.

  • Pocket knives
  • Hunting knives
  • Throwing stars
  • Dirk, Dagger
  • Stiletto
  • Bowie knives


If you live in New Mexico or intend to visit there for hiking, you should know these New Mexico knife laws.

Although these are not strict for open carry, they can be super strict for concealing any weapon.

Also, switchblade and butterfly knives are illegal to own, carry, sell, import, or manufacture.

Rather than that, you can carry any knife regardless of its size.

However, you should never carry any weapon to the school or university premises.

If the laws are clear enough, you should not make any mistakes that can cause fines or end up in jail.

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