China Knife Laws

China Knife Laws – A General Overview

The Knife laws in China are intended to protect the general public and stop knife abuse. Due to the wide variety of knives on the market, the government has established rules to control their use and possession.

Individuals who wish to carry, use, or manufacture knives in China must familiarize themselves with the knife laws in their local area. The general size for the legal knife should be less than 15 cms or the point of angle should  be more than 60 degree

This article will give a general overview of China’s knife laws, including the categories of knives that are prohibited and the consequences of breaking them.

We’ll also look at the exceptions to China’s knife laws and give details on how bringing knives into the nation is controlled.


Here are a few facts about knife laws in China. Don’t forget to check them if you really want to learn more about this.

  • Statewide preemption: State knife laws vary by state and not all are preempted by federal law. Generally, carrying a knife exceeding a certain size is illegal.
  • Knife laws in school in China: It is completely illegal in China to carry a knife (blade) in school.
  • knife’s critical dimension in Chinese law: The knife blade has to be less than 15 cm in length and the point of angle should be more than 60 degrees. otherwise it will be considered as illegal.

List of Illegal Knives in China

In China, knife laws can be complex due to the large number of provinces, each with its own set of regulations. Local governments have the power to modify or create laws based on local conditions.

However, there are general guidelines for knife laws that apply across the country.

These guidelines generally include restrictions on the length of blades that can be carried or used in public. This should be done by following the regulations regarding the manufacture and trade of automatic, semi-automatic, and locking knives.

Here are a list of illegal knife in China

  • Blood grooves
  • Lockblade
  • Dagger
  • triangular scraper
  • spring knife with self locking device
  • k-blade knives
  • Cleavers

Areas Where Knife is Illegal

According to the administrative laws of security in China Article 32 and 20,  it is illegal to carry a knife of an unauthorized size. The following are places where carrying a knife without a license or permission is prohibited:

  • Public places and events: This includes public transportation, public offices, sporting events, social gatherings, parks, etc.
  • Educational institutions: Carrying knives is completely prohibited in schools and colleges. Possession of a knife in universities may be permitted for educational or lawful purposes, but only after fulfilling all the necessary criteria for owning one.
  • Governmental institutions: Carrying any knives or firearms is strictly prohibited in all government institutions, including courts, hospitals, police stations, and other related places.
  • Major transportation hubs: Major transportation hubs, such as airports, railway stations, metro rails, launches, and bus terminals, also have restrictions on carrying knives.
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Illegality in Local/State Governments

The highest court in China is the Supreme People’s Court. A state’s policies and laws are implemented by the State Council, which heads the executive branch.

China’s knife laws are complex and vary across the 31 provinces. However, some of the general regulations include:

  • No carrying potentially dangerous knives: Many provinces prohibit carrying knives that are considered dangerous, such as switchblades or automatic knives.
  • Age restrictions: Local governments set their own age restrictions for possessing or owning knives, with some provinces setting the limit at 18, 16, or 15.
  • License requirement: Obtaining a license or permit is necessary for owning and carrying knives in every province. Licenses are required for different types of knives.
  • Blade length restrictions: While the central government has set restrictions on knife blade length, local governments may also have their own rules, which should be taken into consideration when manufacturing or purchasing a knife in a specific province.

Illegality Based on Concealed and Open Knives

In China, concealed/switchbalde knife carrying is strictly prohibited, regardless of the legality or licensing of the knife. However, openly carrying a legally licensed knife is acceptable.

It’s important to note that each province in China has its own set of regulations. So it’s advisable to check with local authorities for specific details before carrying a knife in any particular area.

Illegality of Carrying, Possession, Selling, Manufacturing, Importing, Trading

In China, the laws regarding dangerous weapons and arms are very strict. There are administrative laws for carrying, possessing, selling, manufacturing, and trading knives. Anyone who violates these laws may face fines or jail time.

It is mandatory to carry a knife with a valid license and legality papers, and the knife must be carried openly. Possession of a knife must also be licensed, otherwise it is considered an illegal act.

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Manufacturing and trading knives require special licenses, without which the production and trade of knives is not allowed.

Illegality to The Degree of Significance Such as Impact on Interstate/International Commerce

Knives and other dangerous weapons are illegal in China, and this has a significant effect on both domestic and international trade. Knife production, sales, and imports are strictly regulated by the government, and those who break the rules risk fines or jail time.

There have been two administrative laws shared where states are accused of violating them

The Chinese government tightened firearm and weapon prohibitions and increased security for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The aim of the administration was to guarantee the security of competitors, guests, and citizens during the games and to stop any acts of violence.

Penalties and Punishment for Carrying Illegal Knives (Intimidating or Threatening with Help of a Knife)

The administrative laws of China have been crafted with the intention of ensuring the proper regulation and control of weapons such as firearms and knives, including their manufacture and use.

The objective of these laws is to maintain public safety and prevent criminal activity related to the possession and use of these types of weapons.

Under Article 32 of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security,”

Article 20 of the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security” states that individuals who engage in activities that threaten public security may face detention for up to 15 days, a fine of up to 200 yuan, or a warning.

Among the prohibited actions are the illegal production, sale, or possession of daggers, knives, switchblades, or other automatic knives. Beside carrying or ownership of firearms or ammunition  is also unlawful.

Which are Legal Knives in China

Any knife that satisfies the requirements of legal knife length then this can be carried in accordance with the correct protocol.

Legal knife leanth wold be: Knives with blades less than 22 cm. With blades less than 15 cm and a blade point has to be more than 60 degrees are permitted.”

Usually legal knife are considered

  • Multi tool device knife
  • cutlery/dinner knife

However, if these knives do not adhere to the rules, such as the correct blade size or point of angle. It could also be categorized as an illegal knife.

Exceptions in The Knife Law of China

There are a few exceptions to the knife laws in China. For example, a foreigner caught with a small knife may not be charged.

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Similarly, individuals who are engaged in activities such as hunting or camping in mountainous forests are generally allowed to carry knives. But it is recommended to obtain proper permission beforehand.

In the case of professional work, a person may be permitted to use a knife, even if it falls under the prohibited category. But they must obtain approval from local authorities.”

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in China

According to government guidelines, the blade length of a knife in China must be less than 15 centimeters, and the point angle must be greater than 60 degrees.

However, these regulations may vary in different provinces, so it’s important to be aware of the specific knife laws in your area.


Here are a few more questions and responses related to China knife laws. Give this section a read if you’re curious to learn more.

How can I learn more about China’s knife regulations?

Contacting local authorities or consulting pertinent laws and regulations will help you learn more about China’s knife laws. Before bringing a knife into the country, it is best to check with the relevant authorities and specific local government where you tend to live.

Do locals and foreigners share the same knife laws?

In general, both foreigners and locals in China are subject to the same knife laws, with few exceptions. Regardless of nationality, individuals who violate knife laws can expect to face similar penalties

Is carrying a knife in car in China illegal?

The legality of carrying a knife in a car in China can vary from one province to another. In most provinces, carrying a knife in a car is considered legal, but there may be exceptions.

It’s important to be aware of the specific knife laws in your area, as they can vary significantly from region to region.

Final Words

To summarize, the knife laws in China are known for being stricter and more intricate compared to those in other countries. The vast array of knives available can make it difficult to enforce a uniform set of laws.

As a result, local governments in China have put into place their own regulations regarding knives within their jurisdictions. It is recommended to educate yourself on knife laws in China before possessing, carrying, or manufacturing knives.

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