Most Valuable Case Knives

10 Most Valuable, Rare, Vintage, and Old Case Knives

Knives have been used in various forms for more than 2.5 million years. Over time, knifemaking has turned into art with precious craftsmanship. And some legendary knives from different eras are still sought after. Collectors are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for such knives.

Today, we present you The Most Valuable Case Knives: A List of Rare, Vintage, and Old Knives. Some of these knives date back several centuries and bear spectacular craftsmanship to be priced at millions of dollars. 

We will start with the #10 knife on the list and make our way toward the most valuable case knife in the world. Let’s get started.

10. Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki [Knife source]

It is a high-end knife created by the widely known Yoshihiro. The brand is popular for its premium knives made with ancient Japanese sword-making techniques. This specific knife is highly sought after by chefs and collectors.

The handmade Yoshihiro Honyaki knife is forged from the highest quality #1 white steel. It is a high-carbon steel with a hardness rating of 66 on the Rockwell scale. This single-edged knife contains a wave pattern on the blade, which makes it aesthetically appealing.

Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki

A simple wave pattern depicts Mount Fuji, and there is a full moon over the mountain. The knife is about 13 inches long and comes with an octagonal handle. Its handle and bolster have 24K gold phoenix painted in the Fuki Urushi method.

This is a traditional lacquering method that makes this sharp and expensive knife stand out. The Saya cover is also very beautiful, with an intricate phoenix design.

Knife Value

The functionality of this knife is also excellent. Its sharp blade is highly suitable for sushi chefs to slice fish for sushi and sashimi. The knife is currently valued at $5,999. If you want to engrave a custom text on the blade, the cost will rise accordingly.

9. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki [Knife source]

It is probably one of the best creations of master knifemaker Yoshikazu Ikeda and one of the most beautiful knives in the world. The signature of Japanese knife artistry is present on the knife and the wooden Saya. 

The knife has a very long blade of over 15 inches. It will look almost like a katana, a traditional Japanese sword. The blade is made of white steel, similar to the one you have already seen in the #10 knife on the list.

Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki

Due to the rapid quenching process, the blade of this knife is very hard and sharp. The handle is made of Corian and lacquered in a traditional process called Wajima. Even the sheath is hand-painted, which increases the overall value of the knife. 

You will see a beautiful cherry blossom emblem on the sheath. The octagonal handle makes it easier to hold the knife. It is a very desirable knife for any collector out there. 

Knife Value

The knife is very functional despite its large size. And it is a testament to the craftsmanship involved in making the knife. The knife is valued at about $7,000.

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8. Gentac Makara Knife [Knife source]

William Henry designed this fearsome knife that depicts a fictional character of Eastern Asian folklore. This aquatic beast is half fish and half animal, which is beautifully portrayed on the knife handle and blade. The toothy jaws, elephant-like trunk, and scales like serpents present on the knife make it a very rare and unique collectible.

Gentac Makara Knife

The blade of this knife was forged from the highest-quality Damascus steel, just like most other valuable and rare case knives. But the pattern on the blade is unique, which takes the beauty of this knife to a whole new level. 

24K gold was used on the walnut wood handle and guard of the knife. The water dragon design inlays on the handle are quite breathtaking and a testament to the knifemaking skills of William Henry. Several gemstones are also used to adorn the handle. 

Knife Value

The mastery of William Henry and the use of valuable elements on the knife made it a precious knife. This masterpiece is a must-see for enthusiasts. And the knife is valued at $12,500.

7. Spearpoint Lace Knife [Knife source]

This knife is one of the most exclusive creations of a world-famous knifemaker, William Henry. The knife has a unique lace pattern on the blade, from where the name derives. It is a folding knife with a pretty wide blade, and the blade is made of Damascus steel.

Spearpoint Lace Knife

Though there aren’t other adornments on the blade, the price of this knife rises due to the intricate details on the handle. You will notice the epitome of craftsmanship on the handle, which contains hand-engraved designs. 

24K gold is used for engraving these tricky designs, and the handle is also uniquely shaped. The blade is slightly shorter than the handle, and the knife gives a curved appearance when open. This adventurous look of the knife helped it become one of the most highly prized knives in the world. 

Knife Value

Due to the high-quality material and artistic value of the knife, it is a very expensive knife. If you want to collect this knife, you need to spend about $25,000.

6. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife [Knife source]

Who doesn’t love diamonds! And if that diamond is placed on a knife handle, the price of that knife is bound to skyrocket. This knife is such a creation from Quintin Nel and Hoffman Pieper that intrigues many and allure the wealthy ones. 

The knife has a carbon steel blade, and the knifemakers claim that it is the sharpest blade in the world. There is a titanium coating on the knife to make it even stronger and sharper. A Teflon coating helps it to retain its sharpness for a long time. 

Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife

Its handle is made of sterling silver. The craters on the knife handle add a different layer of beauty to the knife. And a total of eight diamonds are used to adorn the silver handle, which gives this knife its iconic appeal.

The intricate pattern on the knife blade makes it look coming from an art gallery. And collectors are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to own this knife.

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Knife Value

Its sharp edges, spiral pattern on the blade, and diamond studded handle make the knife a rare piece of collectible. This highly functional knife has been valued at $39,600. 

5. The Loveless Fighter by R.W. Loveless [Knife source]

It is a very popular knife among collectors or enthusiasts and started its journey in the early 1970s. Famous knifemaker R.W. Loveless created the classic narrow blade design of this knife. With his innovative approach, R.W. Loveless came up with the long, drop-point blade. He also used full tapered tangs in this knife, which became a sensation in the knifemaking industry.

The Loveless Fighter by R.W. Loveless

The knife has a distinctive clip point. Its handle was made of rare snakewood, which itself is a very expensive material. And the functional design makes the knife highly suitable for multiple purposes. The production quantity of this knife was limited, so it became a sought-after knife very quickly. 

Other than Loveless, several makers produced this knife. And the price range varied greatly depending on the material, build quality, craftsmanship, etc.

Knife Value

Some models were priced at a few thousand dollars, but some rare examples were far more expensive. Among the owners of Loveless Fighter was a very popular actor, Steve McQueen. The knife was sold for $40,000.

4. The Alexander the Great Dagger by Buster Warenski [Knife source]

It is one of the most legendary knives on the face of the earth, with its breathtaking design and intricate details. The knife was made by Buster Warenski, a master knife maker who has designed several rare knives. Its design was inspired by Alexander the Great, a world-famous Macedonian king.

The Alexander the Great Dagger by Buster Warenski

Buster Warenski made this dagger to pay tribute to the military prowess of Alexander the Great. The blade of this knife is forged from Damascus steel, like most other valuable case knives. If you look closely, you will see engravings of various battle scenes of Alexander the Great on the blade.

A lion’s head pommel is present on the gold handle. This lion’s head was the personal emblem of Alexander the Great. The scabbard has more gold with victory engravings to make the knife an exotic piece of art. 

Knife Value

Though no information about the latest owner of this knife is publicly available, it is assumed that the knife was sold for $50,000 in an auction. 

3. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer [Knife source]

This is the epitome of knifemaking skills, and its unique design makes the knife a rare piece of collectible for many. It is designed by one of the most popular German knife brands, Nesmuk.

The Jahrhundert Messer knife has a Damascus steel blade with a bog oak handle. Its blade is made of 640 layers of Damascus steel with a unique and intricate pattern that increases the beauty of the knife. The handle is even more beautiful with its 5000-year-old oak handle. Besides the use of these rare materials, you will find platinum and diamond adornments on the collar.

Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer

A total of 25 diamonds were used on the collar, making it one of the most expensive kitchen knives. The knife comes in a beautiful black case, and this case is no less of a premium artwork.

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Jahrhundert Messer translates to Century Knife, which was designed as an emblem of German craftsmanship for years. 

Knife Value

The highly sharp blade with an acute angle delivers superior cutting performance. And many collect it as a showpiece to increase the aesthetics of their house. The current value of this knife is $100,000.

2. The Emperor by Ron Lake [Knife source]

The Emperor is one of the most valuable case knives in the world. With its stunning design and high-quality build, the knife has earned its legendary status among collectors all over the world.

The Emperor by Ron Lake

This knife has a 4-inch Damascus steel blade. The blade is adorned with unique patterns to make the knife more appealing. And its handle is made of rare materials, such as mammoth ivory and ebony. You will also see gold inlays on the knife.

Intricate inlays of diamond give the knife its precious beauty, and some other precious gemstones have also been used in this knife. Apart from the material used, it has a unique locking mechanism. The mechanism is patented by Ron Lake and it keeps the blade locked when the knife is open. 

Knife Value

This knife has been featured in multiple exhibits. The price of this knife is a staggering $500,000 due to its quality, functionality, and rarity.

1. Gem of the Orient by Buster Warenski [Knife source]

At last, we reached today’s showstopper, Gem of the Orient. It is the most valuable case knife in the world. Famous knifemaker Buster Warenski designed this masterpiece in 1989. And the knife took over ten years to complete. 

It has a 9-inch long blade forged from Damascus steel. The beauty of this knife is breathtaking. Its blade has a slightly rounded shape on both sides, and there are gold inlays to elevate the design.

Gem of the Orient by Buster Warenski

The handle is made of 14K gold, and 9 ounces of gold have been used in this knife. On top of that, 153 diamonds were used to embellish the knife. You will also see rubies and other gemstones on this knife.

Its unique design wows every collector and they are willing to pay millions of dollars to have this knife in their collection.

Knife Value

Though the real price of such valuable knives is often kept secret, this knife was sold in 2008 at $2.1 million. This record-breaking price makes it the most expensive case knife in the world.


Collecting knives is a passion that fuels us to go to any extent and find the most valuable and rarest knives. 

So, we presented The Most Valuable Case Knives: A List of Rare, Vintage, and Old Knives to enlighten you about the most prized and sought-after knives. Take a moment to praise the amazing craftsmanship of these knives.

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