Is Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made In China Or Japan

Is Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made In China Or Japan?

Cangshan is the world’s most popular kitchen knife manufacturer. Its barbecue knives are well-known for their high quality and durability.

You may confuse about where this brand comes from. Is Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made in China or Japan? Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made in Yangjiang, China.

Despite being manufactured in China, most of the steel used in Cangshan knives is sourced from Germany or Sweden. The company was founded in only 2015 and has already won multiple awards for its stylish and functional design.

We have more information about Cangshan bbq knives. Let’s look into it!

Is Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made In China Or Japan?

Is Cangshan Bbq Knife Set Made In China Or Japan

The city of Yangjiang in China is where you can find authentic Cangshan knives. The region is a significant hub for knife makers.

There are other additional knife brands in that city, such as Dalstrong and Zelite. Some estimate that Yangjiang is home to around 1500 knife producers.

Although they are created in China, Cangshan knives mostly employ steel from Germany or Sweden. On the other side, Cangshan debuted in 2015.

Despite the company’s youth, its blades have already garnered several Red Dot awards for their sophisticated and valuable designs.

Who Manufactures Cangshan Knives?

Who Manufactures Cangshan Knives

Cangshan’s founder, Henry Liu, sought knife manufacturing and evaluated more than 80 sites in the United States and Europe. He could never find the item he was seeking because all he saw were knives with the same old pattern.

Then he arrived in Yangjiang, China, a cutlery hotspot. His desire to produce something unique is shared by the artisans there.

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It began and is today known as Cangshan Cutlery Company after two years of proper research and development.

What Material Are Cangshan Knives Made From?

Cangshan knives are made using high-quality materials, which differ in each collection. Such metals include:

  • The high-carbon Japanese steel
  • The high-alloy German steel
  • The high-alloy Sandvik® steel of Sweden

We can analyze these as follows;

High Carbon Japanese Steel

With a Rockwell hardness rating of 60, it is more potent than German steel and can keep a sharp edge despite being significantly more brittle.

Knives made from this steel have a characteristic Damascus pattern to give them a distinct appearance.

High Alloy German Steel

This steel prioritizes sharpness, edge retention, hardness, and durability, with a Rockwell Hardness Scale rating of 58.

Because this steel alloy is the same as Wusthof, you can anticipate the same level of quality.

Sandvik® Steels From Sweden

This steel has an ideal hardness-to-durability ratio and resists chipping while preserving a sharp edge. This Cangshan claims that; it will last at least 5 times longer than the competitors.

The Rockwell Hardness Scale gives these knives a rating of 60.

17 Patent Handle Design

Cangshan has 17 patents or patent applications filed for handling designs. Because the company values aesthetics and beauty, its knives are visually appealing.

The handles are constructed of both synthetic and natural materials. Acacia, ashwood, teak, walnut, and African blackwood are used to make their wooden handles.

Are Cangshan Knives Really Good?

Are Cangshan Knives Really Good

Cangshan Cutlery continuously seeks to enhance all production procedures while pushing the ability of its bladesmiths. The manufacturing process reflects this commitment to quality.

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For instance, bag the knives to prevent the handles from scratching until they arrive.

Each blade goes through a highly accurate 6-stage heat treatment process to bring out the best features of each steel. We think that the secret to a fantastic knife is heat treatment.

Knife hardness can vary throughout the blade due to even minute adjustments of a few degrees at any stage of the process.

Because of this, it took more than two years of research and development to perfect the precise heat treatment procedure.

That would guarantee Kangshan knives are robust and sturdy enough to handle a sharp 16-degree edge and sufficiently durable to maintain that sharp edge throughout heavy kitchen use.


The Cangshan bbq knife set is a one-of-a-kind innovation in terms of aesthetic design and sharpness. However, if you carefully maintain it after each use, it will last a long time.

Can Cangshan knives be sharpened?

Honing steel, a tool that maintains the edge in alignment, can help sustain the knife’s sharpness for a more extended period of time.

So, you can have your knives professionally sharpened; numerous businesses provide this service.

Can Cangshan knives be washed in a dishwasher?

No, they can’t be washed in the dishwasher. Each knife has a teak handle with a steel tang that runs the entire length of the weapon.

They are razor-sharp! When cleaning, ensure they’re completely dry before placing them back in the block, and never put them in the dishwasher.

Final Words

Cangshan knives are made in China, but their materials come from Japan, Germany, and Sweden.

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They offer exceptional value and pass for much more expensive items due to their excellent design, high-quality construction, heavyweight, and crisp appearance. Their bbq knife set already remains a popular knife collection for chefs’ kitchens.

The cost of these knife sets is reasonable, and they are pretty attractive! Their materials are just as important as their design.

If you are looking for high importance on performance and usefulness in addition to aesthetics, Kangshan will be a superior alternative for your needs.

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