How To Cut A Pineapple For Grilling

How To Cut A Pineapple For Grilling? (Step By Step Guide With Images)

You have had the taste of fresh and ripe pineapples, right? This fruit tastes juicy and rich. But what about grilled pineapples?

Well, grilling a pineapple makes it even tastier because it converts the sugar element of the pineapple to caramel.

That’s where a question comes in, how to cut a pineapple for grilling?

Simply answered, before grilling, you have to peel away the skin of the pineapple with a knife. And, you need to pluck the pineapple eyes in a “systematic” manner.

After that, you have to chop it into small “pinwheel” shapes. Then, your pineapple should be ready to be grilled.

Want more detail on this process? Check out the discussion below.

How To Cut A Pineapple For Grilling? (In-depth Guide And Explanation)

In this discussion, we’ll be explaining how you can easily and efficiently cut the pineapple into convenient pieces for grilling.

Plus we will also present this task in a step-by-step manner with the necessary images. So, pay attention.

Step 1: Pick A Healthy Pineapple

Pick A Healthy Pineapple

To nicely cut a pineapple for grilling (and for good taste), you must pick a healthy pineapple. By “healthy”, we mean you should choose a pineapple that has a golden appearance.

You should examine the pineapple by smelling it before buying. It should have a fresh and juicy “pineapply” scent.

Step 2: Cut Off The Top

Cut Off The Top

First off, you have to hold your pineapple on a flat table and chop off the leafy top. Remember, you must use a very sharp knife to cut the pineapple for grilling.

Step 3: Cut The Bottom Off

Cut The Bottom Off

Next, you must also cut away the bottom of the pineapple. As the bottom contains only the root of the pineapple, it’s not edible. So cut it away.

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Step 4: Cut Off The Skin Of The Pineapple

Cut Off The Skin Of The Pineapple

In this step, you will use a sharp knife to cut through the skin of the pineapple.

Here, you will have to make a curved cut so that you can keep the maximum amount of flesh of the pineapple and only throw away the skin.

Check out the image below for a better understanding.

Cut Off The Skin Of The Pineapple : Step by Step

Mind you; don’t cut too deep when you are trying to cut away the skin of the pineapple. It’s because you don’t have to remove the pineapple eyes in the step.

After you are done peeling the skin of your pineapple, the pineapple eyes should still be prominent in the pineapple flesh. Check the image below to have a clearer idea.

5. Remove The Pineapple Eyes

At this point, you have to remove the pineapple eyes systematically. To do this easily, you should notice that the pineapple eyes have a spiraling design construction.

That means that the eyes are oriented in line with multiple parallel lines across the pineapple flesh in a spiraling manner. So, you don’t have to pluck off each pineapple eye individually.

Rather, you can just take out a single line of pineapple eyes at a time.

Check the image below to understand how to remove the pineapple eyes in the fastest way:

Remove The Pineapple Eyes : Step by Step

Once all the pineapple eyes have been removed, it should look somewhat like the image below:

All pineapple eyes removed

6. Cut The Pineapple Flesh Into Circular Pieces

Once you are done checking out the pineapple eyes, you now have to chop the remaining pineapple flesh into circular pieces. To be precise, once you’ve cut the pineapple flesh into these pieces, each piece should look like a “pinwheel”.

Cut The Pineapple Flesh Into Circular Pieces

At this point, your pineapple is ready to be grilled. So go ahead and grill them.

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How To Grill Your Pineapples?

After you are done cutting your pineapple, you have to put the pineapple pieces into the griller.

So, lay down your pineapple pieces onto the griller one by one and make sure each piece gets physical contact with the griller wires.

Now, grill the pineapple pieces for a few minutes. Remember, grilling any fruit does not require you to grill it for a long time.

So, 3 to 4 minutes of grilling session is going to be fine for your pineapple pieces.

Once a single side of your pineapple pieces has been grilled, you have to flip them one by one so they can get grilled on both sides.

How To Grill Your Pineapples

That way, the grilling action will be deep, and the taste will be better.

After you are done grilling your pineapples, they should have a dark mark on the grilling wire from your stove.

At this point, the sugary elements in the pineapple have been converted to caramel. So, it is going to taste very delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this topic.

1. Do you have to remove the core of the pineapple for grilling?

In the cutting method we discussed above, you get to keep the core of the pineapple for grilling.

So you don’t have to remove the core to grill the pineapple. But you can remove the core if you want to.

2. Is it necessary to salt the pineapple before grilling?

You can go with or without salt when you are grilling your pineapple. Sprinkling a bit of salt on the pineapple before grilling is a personal choice.

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Some people sprinkle table salt, and some like to apply black pepper.

3. Can you re-grill a pineapple after keeping it in the refrigerator?

If you keep your grilled pineapples in a refrigerator, they will get cold and taste different. So, you might have to heat them up before eating.

To do that, you can re-grill your pineapples on the griller.

But remember that the re-grilling should be very mild otherwise, there’s a chance of burning the pineapple pieces.

More specifically, 30 seconds of re-grilling should be enough.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. Now probably have a clear understanding of how to cut a pineapple for grilling.

Simply put, you must remove the pineapple’s skin and eyes. Then, you can piece it into a pinwheel shape for grilling.

Now, with everything said and done, you understand that cutting the pineapple in a certain way is a personal preference.

So, add your creativity to the steps we have mentioned above to diversify how you can cut your pineapple for grilling.

Best of luck to you; peace out!!!

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