Indiana Knife Laws

Indiana Knife Laws 101: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a knife enthusiast, there are only a few states that can provide flexible knife laws, like Indiana. For example, the switchblade is illegal in the entire country.

And there are only four states that respectfully ended this law in 2013. Indiana is one of four states that made switchblades legal.

Here in the Hoosier state, you can possess or carry any knife except ballistic or Chinese throwing knives.

However, it does not have statewide preemption. So, local governments can set strict laws on possessing or carrying a knife.

And there are no strict laws which means more oddities can occur due to some exceptions. So, we are going to explain Indiana knife laws and all the exceptions.

Thus, you can carry or possess a knife without breaking the law, which can bring some unusual issues.


You can take a quick peek at the highlights of the article here.

  • Statewide Preemption: No
  • Concealed Carry: As far as the knife is legal, there is no restriction on concealed carry.
  • Schools: Schools are always a weapon-free zone. You can carry any weapon, including knives, to the school area.
  • Critical Dimension: Not applicable.

List Of Illegal Knives In Indiana

Despite the state having flexible knife laws, two types of knives are illegal to own, possess, carry, manufacture, or sell.

Ballistic knives and Chinese throwing stars are illegal here.

Ballistic Knife

IC 35-47-5-2

According to IC 35-47-5-2, any knife that has a detachable blade is illegal to own, possess, carry, sell, or manufacture.

It is a class B misdemeanor to violate this law. And you can get a punishment of up to 6 months of jail or a $1000 fine for this.

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Chinese Throwing Star

IC 35-47-5-12

According to IC 35-47-5-12, Chinese throwing stars are illegal to own, possess, carry, sell, or manufacture here.

And it is also a class C misdemeanor to break this law. And you can go up to two months of jail or $500 for doing it.

Never Carry A Weapon To The School Premises

Any property owned by the school is a restricted area to carry a knife. Whether you intend to use the knife or not, it is already a misdemeanor.

It is a class B misdemeanor to knowingly carry a knife to the school property, bus, or special bus.

class B misdemeanor

And if you have already been convicted of a crime, it will be a class A misdemeanor to carry a knife to the school property unless someone is injured.

If you bodily injure someone, it will be a level 6 felony.

However, the laws are not applicable if the authority permits you to use a knife. Also, you can carry a knife in a car in Indiana and on school property (If it is secured).

Illegality In Local Governments

Due to the lack of statewide preemption, local governments have strict laws on possessing, carrying, or concealing knives. But that only applies to a few cities here.

In Merrillville, the legal knife length is two inches. Whether you open carry or conceal carry, never exceed two inches long. And violating this law is a class B misdemeanor.

And you can not possess any switchblade or hunting knife in the park or park-street in South Bend.

Also, any weapon is prohibited in the park of Westfield. So far, these are the strict laws that apply to three cities of Hoosier state.

Do Not Have Exception For Concealed Carry

According to state law, there is no legal length to carry in Indiana. And that is applicable for both open carry and concealed carry.

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You can carry any knife except ballistic knives and throwing stars, regardless of age and size. Whether you are an adult or a minor, it is no issue to carry a knife.

Yet, committing any crime using a weapon can consequence strict punishment.

Never Sell Or Deliver A Knife To A Dangerous Person

If you knowingly hand over a knife or any weapon to the person that can commit a crime is illegal.

Despite knowing the consequences, selling or delivering a knife to a person who intends to use it for a crime is a class B misdemeanor.

Also, if anyone commits a crime using your knife, it can cause trouble for you.

So, ensure you are not committing anything wrong or delivering a knife to a dangerous person.

Penalties And Punishment For Carrying Illegal Knives

Carrying a ballistic knife is a class B misdemeanor. It has a punishment of 180 days in jail or a $1000 fine.

However, if you have already committed this crime and violate the rule again, it will be considered a level 6 felony.

And you will be punished for six months to two and half years of jail. However, usually, this punishment is about one year of jail.

And, carrying a throwing star or even manufacturing, trading, or importing is a class C misdemeanor for the first time.

You can get up to three months of jail or a $500 fine for doing that. And repeating the same crime will convict a level 6 felony with a similar punishment according to the law.

Whether you have a legal knife or illegal, it is banned on the school property. Violating this rule is a class B misdemeanor.

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And people who have already been convicted of a crime will face a class 6 felony for doing that. Here you can go up to 2.5 years of jail.

But, if you are a minor, it will be a level 5 felony to repeat the class B misdemeanor. And you can go up to six years of jail or a $10000 fine for that.

List Of Legal Knives In Indiana

Whether you concealed carry or open carry, always know what size knife is legal to carry in Indiana and what are the legal knives here.

The following knives are legal to carry, possess, manufacture and sell.

  • Butterfly knives
  • Bowie knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Hunting knives
  • Dirks, daggers, and other stabbing knives
  • Switchblades or automatic knives
  • Throwing knives with a single blade

However, you can use any sharp object to threaten someone or display to commit a crime. Also, selling a knife to a minor is illegal.

It should be done under the supervision of the parents.


Indeed the Indiana knife laws are flexible and not filled with complicated stuff. You can carry any knife here except for ballistic knives and Chinese throwing stars.

As long as you are not using it to commit a crime or threaten someone, there is no issue with carrying or possessing a knife.

Also, you should follow the laws of the local governments that can be different from the state laws.

Moreover, you should be conscious about delivering a knife to someone with bad intentions.

Hope you got the understanding of knife laws properly. However, if you intentionally or unintentionally violate the law, summon an attorney to get out of it.

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