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Knife Laws In Spain- Fully Explained

The knife is surely a dangerous weapon. Consequently, people can use knives for many evil works or wrongdoings. That’s why every country has its own knife laws. Today, I am going to discuss the knife laws of Spain.

So, what are the knife laws in Spain? You cannot take automatic knives/switchblades, canes-rapier, flipper knives, daggers, semi-automatic knives, or folding knives which are more than 11 cm in a public place. But pocket knives that are less than 6 cm are not prohibited from taking in public in Spain.

There is much more to say about the Spain knife laws. So furthermore, I am going to discuss the Spain knife laws in detail, a list of legal and illegal knives in Spain, penalties for carrying out illegal knives, and much more.

Read till the end to find out more about it!

Highlights Of Knife Laws In Spain

Some important parts and information about Spain’s knife laws are discussed here. The highlights of Knife laws in Spain are –

  • Statewide Preemption: No
  • Concealed Carry: You can use a pocket knife that is less than 6 cm as per Spain’s civil law
  • Schools: You cannot carry knife in Schools whose blades are more than 11 cm
  • Major cities with knife ordinances: Spain is regulated by the civil law. That’s why all cities follow the same ordinances
  • Critical dimensions: If you want to take the knife in public, the knife’s blade should be 11 cm or less than it. You can’t take the knife outside if you don’t have any justified reason. Also, you can take a pocketknife in public that is less than 6 cm as per Spain’s civil law

List Of Illegal Knives In Spain

The country Spain has prohibited some knives from using in public places. Of course, you should have a valid reason for carrying the knife outside of the home. Except for it, you cannot use the following knives in public places in Spain –

  • Automatic knives/Switchblades
  • Canes-rapier
  • Flipper knives
  • Daggers with double edges
  • Semi-automatic knives
  • Folding knives whose blades are more than 11 cm
  • Swords
  • Butterfly knives
  • Throwing knives
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a.     Illegality in Certain Areas

Reportedly, you cannot carry knives in public. So be it schools, public buildings or courthouses, or military installations, you cannot carry on certain knives.

The following knives are –

  • Stiletto
  • Double-edged
  • Sword canes
  • Switchblades
  • Canes rapier

b.     Illegality in State Governments

Spain is run by civil law. There is no federal system in this country. So the illegality of the knives applies to all states and provinces. So, the states and provinces that prohibited knives in public are the same as stated in the starting list of this section.

  • Illegality based on concealed and open knives

A person cannot carry a knife openly in Spain determined by the civil laws. If the reason is valid for carrying the knife, then you must carry it in the toolbox of your car/concealed.

You can carry a pocket knife if the blade is 6 cm or less than it.

  • The illegality of carrying, possession, selling, manufacturing, importing, trading

Some knives cannot be carried, possessed, sold, manufactured, imported or traded. You cannot use knives for any of them. The following knives are –

  • Canes-rapier
  • Automatic knives
  • Daggers
  • Non-automatic knives (more than 11 cm)

List Of legal Knives In Spain

A few knives are allowed to take out in public. But how to know what size knife is legal to carry in Spain? Here, daggers that are more than 11 cm and have a double edge, these knives are not legal to use. The list of the legal knives are following –

  • Pocket knife (blades must be less than 6 cm)
  • Blades shorter than 11 cm
  • Open assisted knives

Exceptions In The Knive Laws Of Spain

Exceptions are made to take the knives for any legal work or working purposes. Such as, you can use a knife inside your home for working purposes or decorations.

But you cannot take a knife in public. Again, if you have to take a knife while going on a trip, you must have a valid reason to give when a police officer asks you about it. Of course, the blade must be less than 11 cm.

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Knife Laws Based On Vehicle In Spain

You want to take a knife with you while traveling in vehicles for justified purposes. But yet you are not sure if it is legal. Check out below to find out about the knife laws in Spain based on a few vehicles-


Knives cannot be possessed in the plane. It is not legal to use as per most airline rules.


You can take a knife in a car. But the knife length should be 11 cm or less than it. Additionally, the possession of knives should be for justified purposes. Else you will be in trouble.


You can carry a knife on the train, but it will be taken for secure management. It is to be noted only recently bought knives can be taken to the train. Especially, daggers and automatic knives are strictly prohibited from taking on the train.

List Of Relevant Laws

The laws made by the civil law of Spain regarding legal and illegal knives will be listed in this section –

  •  Civil laws of Spain bans the use of knives and bladed weapons authorized by organizations. The use of it can be justified only if there is a license accrediting the possession of the knife by the certain person
  • The automatic knife whose blades are more than 11 cm cannot be used for trading, importing, manufacturing or possessing.

What Are The Penalties For Carrying Illegal Knives In Spain?

If you go out of the rule and carry illegal knives in Spain, you will be punished for it. You have to pay fine depending on the depth of the crime. Besides, if you carry out swiss army knives in public, they can charge you around 400 euros.

That’s why you have to decide whether you want to take the knife outside or not. Most of the time, things may not stay in your favor, and a policeman may charge you more for the violation.

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Different Laws For Different Kinds Of Knives

There are different laws for different knives. Here I will discuss the laws of some of the knives below –

Pen Knife

You may wonder if you can carry a knife in a car in Spain. But it is not legal to carry a penknife in Spain. Exceptions are there, such as carrying them in a toolbox can save you from trouble. But you still need to clarify carrying it to the police officers.

Automatic Knife

It is not allowed to carry an automatic knife. Automatic knives are also called switchblades. They are strictly prohibited from using in Spain.

Folding Knife

Folding knives are not allowed if the knives are more than 11 cm.

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are allowed and legal to take in public if the blade is 6 cm or less.

Statistics Of Crimes By Different Knives

Throughout the year, a lot of crimes were committed with different kinds of knives.

Reportedly, most crimes in Spain were committed by knives. In 2019, the stabbing death rate was almost 163.56 in average. Moreover, as per the stats, the stabbing death rate in Spain is 0.36 per 100k.

Although it was not specified what kind of knives were used in the stabbing, this is a basic stats of stabbing crimes that were made in Spain.


The article above explains the knife laws of Spain fully. You cannot use certain knives in public, such as automatic knives, flipper knives, daggers, semi-automatic knives, and folding knives over 11 cm.

Moreover, cane rapiers, folding knives, and daggers cannot be used for selling, manufacturing, importing, or trading.

In this article, I have described the knife laws of Spain, the name of legal and illegal knives, penalties for carrying illegal knives, statistics of crimes by different knives, relevant laws, and much more.

As you have read the article to the end, the knife laws in Spain will be crystal clear to you.

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