How To Cut Zucchini For Grilling In Minutes

How To Cut Zucchini For Grilling In Minutes?

Grilling zucchini is easier if you know how to cut it correctly. With poor cutting, you will likely end up with unevenly cooked slices.

So then, how do you cut zucchini for grilling?

There are many ways you can slice your zucchini for grilling, including planks, spears, coins, or circles, and lengthwise. And whichever method you choose, you can be sure your zucchini will not drop off between the grates.

The essential thing is ensuring the pieces are neither too thin nor thick.

But here is the thing; each method works a little differently. So, below are steps to cut zucchini splits or rounds for grilling.

How To Cut Zucchini For Grilling

From rounds to planks, spears, and long slices, there are many ways you can cut zucchini for grilling. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Method 1: Strips/ Planks

To begin with, you can choose to cut your zucchini into strips or planks, just like fries. Following are instructions to assist you on how to go about it.

Step 1: Cut The Ends

Cut The Ends

First, place your zucchini on a chopping board and cut the top and bottom parts about 1/2 inch. Next, discard them because they are not tasty.

Step 2: Cut In Half

Cut in half

Next up, slice your zucchini into two halves. You don’t want the planks to be too long.

Step 3: Slice The Zucchini

Slice The Zucchini

Afterward, get one of the zucchini halves and cut it into several strips vertically. Each plank should be 1/4 to a 1/2-inch thick. Repeat this process with the other half of your zucchini.

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Method 2: Lengthwise/ Spears

Cutting your zucchini lengthwise or into straws allows you to grill them directly on the grates without falling. Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Remove The Tops And Bottoms

Remove The Tops And Bottoms

Clean your zucchini thoroughly to remove any dirt. Next, slice off its stem and root ends using a sharp chef’s knife.

Step 2: Slice Vertically

Slice Vertically

Cut the zucchini into two equal long slices through the middle. If there is any rich seedbed, use a spoon to remove the seeds.

Step 3: Cut Into Smaller Slices

Cut Into Smaller Slices

Next, you can cut the halves into long spear shapes or flat planks. Simply cut each half into quarters or 4 sections. Each spear or plank should be 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick.

Method 3: Coins/ Round Slices

Here is another easy way to cut your zucchini for grilling, ensuring they don’t fall off the grates.

Step 1: Trim The Ends

Trim The Ends

Start trimming the stem and blossom ends of your zucchini and throw them away.

Step 2: Slice Into Rounds

Slice Into Rounds

You can slice the zucchini rounds in a diagonal shape or into straight edges. Simply cut it into large circles or coins about 3/4 to 1/2 inch thick.

Method 4: Halves

This method works best when dealing with small-sized instead of large zucchini. Check out the steps of how to go about it.

Step 1: Discard The Ends

Discard The Ends

Since the top and bottom sections of the zucchini are not tasty, start by getting rid of them. Only cut around a 1/2-inch.

Step 2: Cut Into Halves

Cut Into Halves

Next, slice the zucchini in half lengthwise. No need to cut further into quarters like you would do with a giant zucchini. Just make sure the halves are evenly cut.

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What Essentials Are Needed To Cut Zucchini For Grilling

When cutting zucchini for grilling, you must ensure the rounds, strips, or planks are evenly cut. This helps ensure the veggies cook uniformly. But what do you use to cut the zucchini? Read on to find out.


A knife is the most accessible tool for slicing zucchini for grilling. It enables you to choose how thick or thin you want the slices to be.


Compared to a knife, a mandoline allows you to cut your zucchini efficiently, quickly, and with greater precision.

This is because most mandolines come with adjustable blades, making cutting the zucchini to your desired thickness easier.

Vegetable Peeler

You could use your vegetable peeler if you don’t have a sharp knife or mandoline. However, you must use it carefully so you don’t end up with skinny zucchini slices.

How To Grill Zucchini After Cutting

How To Grill Zucchini After Cutting

Once you have cut your zucchini, how do you grill them? Following are simple instructions to assist you.

Step 1: Season The Zucchini

Start by seasoning your zucchini with the spices and herbs of your choice. You can also use olive oil and red wine vinegar. Simply mix your preferred seasonings in a bowl containing your zucchini planks.

Step 2: Heat Your Grill

Next, oil the grates well. Then, heat your grill at temperatures around 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or medium to high heat.

Step 3: Start Grilling

Place your seasoned zucchini slices on the hot grates of your grill. After about 4 minutes or until you see brown grill marks, flip the pieces over to cook the other side.

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Tips For Cutting Zucchini For Grilling

While cutting zucchini for grilling is easy, below are tips to keep in mind, ensuring you have uniformly cut slices.

  1. Avoid cutting skinny slices because, during grilling, the zucchini loses water, making it shrink into tiny pieces.
  2. Always cut the zucchini uniformly to ensure all the strips grill at the same speed.
  3. You should not cut the planks or spears too thick because the outside may burn before the inside is cooked.
  4. Make sure to cut the zucchini long enough because small pieces will quickly fall through the grates.
  5. You must keep your fingers away from the blade of the knife or mandoline to avoid getting injured.


Cutting small or large zucchini is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can cut it into strips, spears, rounds, or even halves.

Whichever method you opt for, you can be sure the slices will not fall off the grate when grilling.

The important thing is to ensure you use the right tool. You could use a chef’s knife, vegetable peeler, or a mandoline. But overall, a mandoline offers better results and control while allowing you to cut the zucchini faster.

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