Wyoming Knife Laws

Wyoming Knife Law 101: Everything You Need to Know

Wyoming’s knife laws are somewhat bare-bones and ambiguous.

At first, you might not understand the Wyoming knife laws. But, one feature of this state’s knife laws is that it values personal freedom.

Speaking of the Wyoming knife law, Knives are not stigmatized by size or type as per the law. Those who follow the law in the state are free to choose and carry whichever knife they feel necessary.

However,  you should comprehend that any individual below the age of 21or those who do not have a concealed carry license is not allowed to carry a knife in Wyoming.

We will try to keep things as simple as possible for you to understand throughout the article. So, let’s look more closely at how knife laws in Wyoming Statute.


1. Statewide Preemptive action


2. Secret Carrying of Knife

There is no restriction on carrying a concealed deadly weapon unless the individual possesses a concealed carry license.

3. Schools

The Wyoming State law does not allow possession of any weapon within the premises of the educational institute or school unless the individual has the institute’s permit to carry the weapon.

4. Critical Dimensions of Knife

None defined.

Knife Laws In Wyoming

The Wyoming knife laws are lenient enough to go hand in hand with the infamous Constitutional Carry.

Wyoming state does not implement any legal restriction on possession and ownership of knives.

Although, they do have certain prohibitions and legal restrictions upon the covert carrying and wearing of a deadly weapon.

Now debate starts around the word “Deadly weapon.” We have the definition after this discussion.

Now speaking of Wyoming knife laws, individuals are allowed to get a legitimate firearms license for the discreet carry of knives as per the Wyoming law.

People can get a license for covert or concealed knife carrying in Wyoming. Moreover, travelers to the Equality state also need a permit in line with the Wyoming state.

Pre-emption is likewise guaranteed to be irrelevant by state laws.

Briefly stated, as far as people meet the requirements for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Wyoming locals are allowed to possess lethal firearms either openly or secretly.

You should keep in mind that only if you meet the criteria to get the deadly weapon license you will not be penalized for carrying a knife without having a license.

Additionally, there are no limitations on the production of knives in addition to their purchase, sale, gifting, or receipt as a present.

Definition Of The Term Deadly Weapon

Section §6-1-104 describes deadly weapons:

Section §6-1-104

According to Knife laws in Wyoming, a deadly weapon can be anything from a firearm, explosive or combustible material, vehicle, animal, tool, material, or element that can lead to serious bodily injuries or death.

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Furthermore, serious injury also refers to bodily harm that leads to death or causes miscarriage, severe deformity, or prolonged body damage or injury of the role of any body organ.

Now a deadly weapon can be an ordinary object as a frying pan. You might question how a frying pan can cause someone to die. An example of this is Conine v. State.

A frying pan was deemed a lethal weapon in Conine v. State because Conine struck the victim with it while fighting.

So after Conine objected to his guilty verdict, the Supreme Court of Wyoming determined that the mere potential for an object to induce severe bodily harm is sufficient justification for classifying it as a lethal weapon.

Concealed Carry License Requirement Of Knives In Wyoming

Any Wyoming resident who satisfies the conditions for a concealed carry permit may carry any deadly weapon, even knives. To meet the standards, you:

  • Should be at least 21 years old or more to get a license.
  • You should be a United States citizen and have been in the state for at least half a year.
  • Have never been charged with a crime.
  • Have not misused controlled drugs within the last year.
  • Have not received a misdemeanor conviction in the previous year.
  • The person is not mentally incapable of understanding the law.
  • Have not been forcibly admitted to a psychiatric facility.

Moreover, when you unobtrusively carry the knives, you should also need to hold a proof of identity that the state has issued on you.

This is carried out to demonstrate your citizenship in US and Wyoming.

Non-residents of Wyoming are required to get and hold a concealed weapons license from a region that reciprocates with Wyoming to carry a concealed weapon.

People must first obtain a Wyoming permit to transport a knife or other weapons in a disguised form.

Lawfully speaking, Wyoming statutes and laws don’t distinguish the many types of knives, primarily because no specific knife is mentioned in the conceal carry law.

List of Legal To Own Knives In Wyoming

As stated, knives are not illegal or forbidden to own or possess in Wyoming State. You will learn about the legality of owning several types of pocket knives below:

  • All types of pocket knives and folding knives or knives can be tucked in the handle, and you carry them covertly.
  • Gravity knives, switchblades, and other automated knives are allowed to carry and possessed in Wyoming.
  • Ballistic knives are also legal in the Equality State
  • Hunting, fishing, or other utility and kitchen knives are legal.
  • Disguised knives veiled in stuff like lipstick, pen, cane, or belt buckles are legal to carry in Wyoming state.
  • Balisong or butterfly knives are also not banned.
  • According to Wyoming knife statutes, Bowie knives and other hefty single-edged knives are also legal.
  • Double-edged knives and dirks, daggers, stilettos, and other blades are also legal to carry.
  • Martial arts weapons such as throwing stars, knives, nun-chu-kaetc. And others are legal in Equality state.
  • And finally, any type of knife you can carry in an untraceable way is allowed in Wyoming.
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Types of Illegal To Own Knives In Wyoming

As said earlier, Wyoming state is quite flexible when it comes to owning a knife. They allow all types of blades to hold as per the Wyoming statute.

However, it is worth mentioning that they do not allow concealed carrying of a deadly weapon. There is a recent case going on for attempt to murder with a knife.

Restrictions On Sale Or Transfer Of Knives In Wyoming

You know that Wyoming law does not penalize your selling or owning a knife. But they charge you if your intent to sell or transfer is unlawful.

According to the Wyoming Deadly weapon law, § 6-8-103,

Any individual who owns, makes, transports, trades, repairs, and sells a deadly weapon with unlawful intent is illegal. The criminal intent can be anything from threatening someone’s life to physically torturing. Assaulting or imposing bodily injury to others. And in such a scenario, the person guilty of the felony can get at most five years behind bars and a fine of up to one thousand dollars or both.

Penalties For Violating Wyoming Knife Laws

By now, you know quite enough about the Wyoming knife laws. They allow you to carry all the deadly weapons secretly if you have the Wyoming state concealed license or meet the criteria for getting a license.

But the, section § 6-8-104 of the Wyoming State Deadly Weapon Law states some penalties for violating the law.

According to the law, any individual possessing or carrying a concealed deadly weapon will get a fine penalty of up to $750 and up to half years in jail or both if you commit the crime for the first time.

An individual can expect up to a $2000 fine for the second or subsequent offense and not more than two years behind bars.

What Size Knife Is Legal To Carry In Wyoming?

There is no specified legal knife length in Equality state. As far as you carry or own a knife for a lawful purpose without any illegal intent, it is allowed per state law.

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Carrying Knife In School Property

As per Wyoming state law, you are not permitted to carry a deadly weapon on the school or educational institute’s premises.

However, if the school authorities allow you to carry a gun or knife, you can do so easily. You must get written consent from the school administration to carry a knife or weapon.

Restrictions On Carrying Knife In Specific Locations And Circumstances

You are not allowed to take a knife or other deadly weapon to the court of law, jails, hospitals, and correctional and mental health facilities.

In addition, it is likewise not allowed to carry a deadly weapon to private properties where they explicitly mention “no-guns or weapon-free.”

Are There Any Definitions Of Various Types Of Knives In Wyoming?

The Wyoming Law statute and the court laws do not define the knife types. The lack of explanation is that the Wyoming knife law does not mention any particular type.

However, they do not allow to carry any deadly weapon in Wyoming.

Can You Carry A Knife In A Car In Wyoming?

The Wyoming knife laws allow one to carry the knife in covert form. However, if you are questioned by a police officer regarding the blade in your car, you must have a concealed carry license.

It will not be a problem if you are eligible to get a concealed carry license; if a police officer suspects you of using or moving the knife for any illegal activity, they can penalize you for having the knife in the car.


Below we mention some of the most commonly asked questions about carrying a knife in Wyoming.

In Wyoming, is it legal to carry a pocket knife?

Individuals who follow the law in the state are free to choose and carry whichever knife they see appropriate. Moreover, they also need a concealed carry license to carry a knife in Wyoming.

Are brass knuckles permitted in Wyoming?

Brass knuckles are lawful in Wyoming; however, carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited. A felony that violates this statute is subject to up to $750 in penalties and a maximum of six months in jail.


Wyoming’s knife regulations are not particularly strict. But their ambiguity further adds to the uncertainty.

Since most knives are considered lawful to carry in Wyoming despite the fact that the blades that may be carried unobtrusively aren’t formally defined.

Additionally, there are no limitations on the lengths used for knives.

Nevertheless, you must have a permission license for concealed carry a knife, which the state must provide, or if you are not a native of Wyoming, by a state with whom Wyoming maintains equivalence.

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