Can You Bring A Knife In A Checked Bag Internationally

Can You Bring A Knife In A Checked Bag Internationally? Understanding the Stigma

Transporting a knife is conspicuous, to say the least. For the sane and inexperienced, fearing incriminating yourself, being prosecuted, and missing the flight runs riot through your fibers.

So, can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally? The answer comfortingly is yes- but with a catch.

To elaborate on the topic, the TSA doesn’t prohibit the transportation of knives. As long as you have the blade in your checked bag, you might get through just fine.

However, the problem here is the ‘might get through’ part. Even though it is not outlawed, there are certain rules you need to follow for the safety of your knife and yourself.

Can You Bring A Knife In A Checked Bag Internationally?

Can You Bring A Knife In A Checked Bag Internationally

We need to understand the stigma around carrying knives on a plane first.

Knives- and any other sharp or pointed object for that matter- are frowned upon in crowded spaces. And the doubts are rightfully placed.

In the wrong hands, even the smallest blades threaten the people and the property around them.

Airlines, the TSA, and fellow passengers do not want to see a knife flying about at the hands of a lunatic 40000 thousand feet up in the air.

In fact, no one around the world wants a sharp object risking safety inside the cabin. This is made evident by other government organizations around the world, like the CAA and ANA resonating with the TSA’s rules about knives on planes.

Authorities, as such, have had to make regulations that make knife transport on a plane difficult yet not impossible to keep the skies friendly.

Luckily, the regulations allow a few types of knives to be carried in checked bags internationally. We will learn more about them.

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Knives You Can Bring In A Checked Bag Internationally

Knives You Can Bring In A Checked Bag Internationally

With now being established that you are indeed allowed to have your knife with you, let’s dive deeper into what knives you can carry and how you can go about it.

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are a mainstay in the back pockets of many people. They are handy throughout the day, and it is understandable why one might want or need to have one at the other end of their flight path.

In general, you can carry a pocket knife with you easily. As long as you have the pocket knife closed and secured, you can bring the knife in a checked bag internationally.

Additionally, if your particular one does not have a blade attached, you might even be able to have it in one of your carry-on.

Utility Knives

Similar to pocket knives, utility knives make an excellent carry. They are great tools, and you can carry your utility knife with you as well.

When packing it, make sure to remove any razors from the knife itself. That’s the catch with utility knives. No blades installed.

Simply have the knife secured with the blades in another similarly secured container during your trip.

Fixed Blade Knives

You are allowed to carry most fixed-blade knives if you are careful. In the airport, you can have any fixed-blade knife and still face no issues.

Common knives like a chef’s knife or any other knife of that description are fine. Bigger ones like machetes will get you scrutinized, but there shouldn’t be any trouble.

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The one requirement you need to be mindful of is the way you pack the knife. Fixed blade knives MUST be sheathed and well packed.

You have to make sure that the knife is secure and that there is zero chance of the blade being exposed. If you secure the knife properly, you can bring it in a checked bag internationally.


Other than the more apparent knives, the TSA allows you to carry the most rounded edge and blunt buttering knives as they categorize them as being unable to cause harm.

Small razor blades also fall into this category, and you are allowed to have these items in your carry-on even.

Spring-Assisted Knives

The rules around spring-assisted knives are not well-defined, which is why a separate disclaimer section has to be dedicated.

Spring-assisted knives or knives that open at the click of a button. As mentioned above, the rules around these knives are a bit blurry.

The regulations are not concrete, so if you are found to have one on you, a decision will be made on the spot, which may or may not go in your favor.

From possibly being OK to having your knife confiscated and you prosecuted, spring-assisted knives are best not carried.

Take Care When Packing Your Knife In A Checked Bag

Take Care When Packing Your Knife In A Checked Bag

It has been said- as you would have noticed- pretty much at every opportunity in this article.

One thing you cannot mess up is the way you pack the knife. You must secure it properly.

Despite the TSA being OK with you having your knife, there are rules, and this is the big one. Sheathing and securing your blade is crucial.

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If a blade is exposed and an official is hurt trying to check your bag- in a likely scenario where your knife-bearing bag is flagged for a manual check- you are to be held liable.

The aftermath of an incident like this can lead in many ways; none are good for you. For example, you can get sued! So, be careful and pack in the knives well.


Here are some answers to the most common ‘knife on a plane’ related questions.

Can I have a knife in my checked bag?

Yes, you can as long as you follow a few rules set by the TSA

Will the rules be different depending on the airline?

No. Airlines are required to follow TSA rules, and so are you.

Can I carry a switchblade?

Although the rules are murky, it is best not to. Carrying your switchblade is unsure business and best avoided.


Transporting a knife yourself is an ominous ordeal, especially for first-timers. Being scared at the thought of passing through security with a knife is understandable.

But you can rest assured that having a knife in your luggage is allowed. As long as you promise to uphold your end of the bargain and be generally careful, it is totally fine.

Be mindful of other people’s security and pack your knife well enough that nobody can get injured.

This is all that is required for you to know regarding whether can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally.

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